Aluminum case missing PS4


I have purchased everything I can find for Hitman, Hitman 2, GOTY, addons for my PS4 and I can’t seem to locate the aluminum briefcase. I also have the same setup game on my xbox, and the case IS there. What am I doing wrong on PS$ or is it not available on PS4?


You need to redeem the Legacy Pack to get the briefcase as a reward in Hitman 2.

So if you haven’t redeemed Legacy yet or if you’ve already did that and it still doesn’t show up then try uninstall Legacy and redeem it again from your Hitman 2016 “store” tab in the main menu.

Do you have the Requiem Pack? If so then it’s a bug and you should contact IO and tell them you didn’t get the briefcase. It was bugged and not everyone did get it in November but that got fixed with a patch


I had already redeemed it and yes I have the requiem pack. Still wasn’t there. So I deleted Hitman 2 from PS4, rebooted it and re-downloaded and reinstalled It. Still no luck. Gave up on it. Then today …out of the blue…It showed up. Who knows… but as least it’s there. Thanks for the help tho.


For anyone who stumbles upon this thread
Play Paris in Hitman 2016, finish the mission, launch Hitman 2 and you should have it

“At this time we would like to have you uninstall and reinstall all content for Hitman 1 and 2 then load up Hitman 1 and play 1-2 missions. This request is in hopes that playing Hitman 1 with the new update will trigger the content to recognize your account and allow access to the Legacy Pack.”


According to the quote it also may fix the Legacy Pack redeeming


Sad you didn’t pull up my thread. Yes play Hitman 1 at least through Paris, give it a few minutes after closing Hitman 1 and then play Hitman 2 and it should unlock.


Yeah, I remembered when OP had already solved it lol