America's Four Major Professional Sports Leagues

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While in topic, we can discuss anythin related to team’s ownership, team’s managements, team’s roster, trade rumors, contracts, free agency, drafts, league standings, playoffs, draft prospects (but not college sports themselves) scandals, rules, floppings/referee fails, memes, funny videos (like SC:NotTop10) or situations regarding the four leagues mentioned above, even internal member’s rivalries!

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Since i moved to saint louis i have become a Chicago Cubs fan.

they justed dusted off the cardnials so i am pretty siked.

i think this is the year the cubs could actually win it all.

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Well, right now they have an amazing 23 game winning streak, and they don’t seem to be slowing down! So I would say that they do have quite the chance, but San Francisco could still take over the national if you ask me!

I’m breaking the rules of this thread but no one needs a topic about the WNBA

Golden State got exposed mad hard. Curry cant guard Westbrook at all


I’m really excited to see matchup between OKC and Cavs. I don’t know what to expect from both of them.

At this point my uncle and I are just laughing at thw possibility of Raptors-OKC as a final lol.

But hey, I’m all in for a best of 7, hell even a best of 700 between this Cavs team and that OKC team.

Curry is, at a very young point of his career, without a doubt the best shooter in NBA history… And that’s about it. He can’t defend like an MVP and he can’t create all around plays like an MVP. Westbrook has always been (IMO anyways) a much more all-rounded player. In fact, if not for Curry tearing down threes this season, the MVP would have been between him and Leonard.

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westbrook is essentially a smaller lebron. he is a very very entertaining player to watch

Westbrook really matured in these playoffs, especially against Spurs. We will see if he continues to be disciplined.

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Curry isn’t so young, he’s 28y old.

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i started to notice his lack of defense during this series.

during the last match i noticed a few times in which curry would miss a shot and then fail to hussle back on defense. westbrook on the other hand got a few steals just because he hustled back.

:joy: I now realise how unclear I made myself. Yes, he has like 500 regular season games already. Didn’t mean to say that. But rather about how he is at just the “sophomore” year of his prime time.

anybody watching game 5 cavs-raptors? it’s 4:00am here in Croatia. :sleeping:

It is surprising, because the warrios are a very good and well rounded team. They have more overall talent, and are capable of following the gameplan with splash-bros or not. But OKC is not the same without Durant and Westbrook (sure, Waiters is good, Ibaka is good too, and both Adams and Kanter are playing at a whole new level. But they feel like less than a quarter of the weight in the team)

My uncle is. I’m just hearing him shouting lol. With 10 minutes left in the third, Cavs are nearly (but have been) doubling the raptors 38-72.

… I just don’t get it dude. It is the same field. It is the same rim. Court is of the same material… It is just another stadium, and yet home-court advantage is SO vital in this sport…

i thought the Warriors would have the lead in the series by now. just like you said on paper they are the better team. But i dunno maybe okc is just hungry.

btw i think the dynamic of westbrook and durant is key. i think their teamwork off the field will help them win championships. im looking at it like this, what if kobe and shaq had of been better team mates? how many more rings could they have?

i think durant and westbrook are those type of stars and maybe it shows relationships even more than talent is what matters.

Exactly. They feel each other’s game and get along like family. In fact, trade rumors suggested that if OKC did poorly on this playoffs then A) Durant would sign a single year extention to wait for Westbrook to have his contract over too, and both leave. B) Durant would go (probably) to the Lakers and wait for Westbrook. The fact that they want to play together, no matter where, kind of tells it.

But goint into Shaq… Sadly, the man was a/had a sidekick his entire NBA career and none of the duos worked well. He failed to combine with Hardaway on the Magic when he left, he failed to get along with Kobe, He left the Heat very quickly (possibly because Wade was better). He didn’t got to develop anything remarkable with Nash at Phoenix, then in the Cavs it was LeBron who left, and in the Celtics all the stars were burning out… So sadly, because he couldn’t combine with anyone, he didn’t achive as much as he could have.

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My little brother is a dot-com millionaire, so of course he’s got tickets to the Blues-Sharks match tonight. I’m jealous. If San Jose pulls it out (they’re up 2-0) then it’s their first Cup appearance.

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exactly, i agree with your perspective on this.


and i want to point out how much i admire the big bro little bro realtionship they have. i have been to both of the areas they are from and they act exactly like the people there streotypically.
Durant is always trying to cool things off act somewhat diplomatic, westbrook is straight talking i dont give a fuck bravado. it works i think.

i remember the time when the press asked a controversial question about the mavricks owner and westbrook was about to answer but durant put his hand up and took the question. thats alot of respect, for real not alot in that culture will allow another to publicly speak for him. thats how i knew they would be legend together. thats why i like the team for real. its good to see those men be brothers to each other.

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