America's Four Major Professional Sports Leagues


that golden state okc game is looking feirce right now. i knew that home court advantage would make it tight.

i think it might go to the buzzer. Curry is on a mission


I live in the UK and have followed the Greenbay Packers for 3 years now. Can’t wait for the new season. GO PACK GO


what made you pick the packers?


I was watching the game with my uncle. Man, it didn’t felt ok. OKC was throwing very bad passes, doing too much fouls, throwing hailmarys… As soon as they left the 3rd being down 4 and in just 3 minutes of the 4th they were down 11, I knew they weren’t going to win. GS played good deffense tonight.

I was wanting OKC to win it so… I watched the game in a bad mood… OKC never actually held on the lead…


I used to play the madden games as a kid and always liked the green and gold. I thought I’d pick a team to make it easier to follow the sport if that makes sense. Anyway, I started streaming their games and I turns out they have the best QB in the league (IMO). Their offence is awesome to watch. Had awful luck in the playoffs though last couple of seasons. I think you should definitely get at least one possession each in OT. We missed Jordy Nelson was missed last year tho.


i think they did ok actually. the home crowd just pumped up the bench to make shots they usually wouldn’t.

i agree with the defense it was like night and day from the last game. but since the are going back to Oklahoma i think okc got this.


makes since. ive done the same thing with soccer in england.

Packers are a good team, nice choice. And yeah Rogers is one of the best.


Why are you a cubs fan if you live in St louis? From where did you move?


Which soccer team did you pick?

It’s amazing how you can just click with a team and get behind them so much. Do you have an NFL team?


lol, i am a cubs fan just to spite the people here. Just so that when they see me they know i am not from here. i am a cubs fan to be a contriarian. I picked the cubs as the cloest rival to the cardnials.

i moved here from Washington dc


I picked Chelsea.

because i like the symbol and the kit colors, they were my team for fifa 08 (i think) back when Drogba was on it. I would always pick them against my friends.

my other team is man city, for the same reason- colors.


I see. Well the reason i asked is because I live in St. Louis as well lol. Weird to see someone else on here that lives in StL…kinda cool.

But c’mon don’t be a cubs fan!!! Be a nationals fan!!


i believe that you are from stl, all you always say that to me.

sorry man, i love talking smack with the people i work with and wearing cubs hats and shirts.

what can i say i am a dirty attention whore. but seriously busch stadium is beautiful and one of my favorites for sure.


Looks like the cavs are going to the finals.

hoping for okc vs cavs. i dont think the cavs will win the championship vs okc or goldenstate.

i wanna see james get mad and leave the cavs again and the whole city get pissy, again. lol


We are all here because we decided to purchase a HITMAN game and just loved it… So no wonder how videogames help you become a sports fan as a kid. It happened to me!

I became a MFFL after playing the 04’ Mavericks with Nowitzki and Nash on NBA Live.

Also in fifa, after playing the 07’ Manchester United, I had their stickers and backpacks all over my bedroom.


Playing Madden growing up really got me into liking NFL football. It helped me understand football alot more and I got really familiar with the players. Became a Vikings fan since Madden 2001 and still am. :thumbsup:


well looks like golden state may very well sweep the cavs.


im still mad about okc.


I am so happy that the cavs won at least once. i am rooting for them in the spirit of revenge for okc.
if the cavs win again tonight i think they can keep it going and actually win the championship.

this is gonna be a tight game 4 i cant call it.


Damn tripple post?
No love for American Sports?

Once again I was wrong about sports. The cavs have taken it to game 7! LOL This is gonna be so sweet if they snatch this championship away from a historic team on what was supposed to be defining back to back championship wins.
Kinda shocked and a little dismayed that Curry and his team are melting down like this, especially with Curry getting kicked out the game. The Warriors are a top team and I want to see them go down swinging not breaking down.
And finally everybody is on Curry’s wife like she said something crazy, shit I don’t have no one I know playing at a professional level and I still think most these games are rigged. shrugs


I don’t watch basketball, but I might tune in just to see the NBA final and who wins. I wonder how many times Lebron’s hairline will get a back court violation in the final?