America's Four Major Professional Sports Leagues


Damn man, ahahaha you from Miami?


Cincinnati, pretty close to Cleveland actually (same state), but no one likes him here. Here’s the definition of arrogance and “jerk”. He doesn’t go over well in the mid-west. Like I said, I could careless about NBA, don’t watch it at all. I’m a NFL and MLB guy, with some NHL thrown in for fun. I actually play Madden professionally, so NFL is my #1 sport.


Not surprised, I’m not a fan of Lebron like that anyway but everyone is on the Steph Curry band wagon so you know, I had to be different. After this game tho I don’t care about James or the cavs. But the dude is good, very good. I like his domination of the court.

Good to know you are a NFL guy who is your team, I’ll see you here in the fall.


Been a Pats fan since a child. Me and pixelated Tom Brady are not to be trifled with on Madden. I’m big on Ultimate Team these days, I love building my team and playing online seasons, it’s tons of fun. Brady’s Bunch is a force to be reckoned with haha.


Oh gawd, another one of you guys. LOL

you got videos of your skill on your channel? I wanna check em out.


I didn’t really start my channel till Hitman to be honest, everything before was just meh, but I do have My online Superbowl from my 5th season I believe. This year, I will be streaming and posting much, much more. I win all local tourneys, and have played in the MAdden Tourney in Manhattan in years past for the 140K prize (Hosted by Virgin). Good times man.

Note: you can see right away my 46-12 online record at the time and previous SB wins. After teh game I’m 47-12 and ranked in the top 1% of Madden gamers at 1st String All-Pro


i never appreciated lebron james before but if he can pull out a win i will def become a james fan.

i hate curry so much. he cheapened the game so much.


What do you mean that he has cheapened the game?


Got damn son, you are a mother fucking beast! LOL Why come you made that man rage quit? hahahah

I was expecting you to not have any defense but whoa, what the fuck back to back fumbles one for a return and a pick for a return.

Bravo, yeah aiight shrugs…you da man…you da man


I have nothing more to say on the NBA finals… OKC lost 3 in a row…


its just personal preference but i hate seeing how shooting threes is pretty much all everyone works towards. gone are the days pf physical play in the paint. i mean big men shoot 3s now.

and they also do the hack-a strategy which i hate so so much


When you play for money, you don’t “be nice” lol. I run the clock out, take my time, and milk every second I can then strike and keep pressure on D. I play conservative too, so I don’t take many chances, but play more fundamental than most (4th and 8, yeah, I’ll punt). Lots of times on these games, I’ll hold the ball the entire 1st Q, and score with only a few minutes left in the 2nd Q and it totally gets everyone off their game plan because they’re rushed, and make mistakes.


You never said who your team was. Don’t say the Jets lol.


Naw, naw I ain’t fuckin with the Jets. LOL

man really I’m like you the NBA. I just watch the final lol maybe a playoff or two. It is just that my S/O is a huge football fan. So much so that I have her secretly running my office fantasy football team. LOL I love coming to work on Monday talking mad shit and winning money off something I hardly understand.

But to answer your question my team is my S/O’s team. Pittsburgh. I like Cam Newton so I’ll fuck with the Panthers every now and again.


Jordan didn’t win the NBA with two separate teams… Just saying…

NBA be like BOOOOOOM after that game 7!


shout out to cleavland! lol i am happy they won. i thought they would get swept for sure.

James is set in stone. he is a legend in the game. once he retires if he does nothing else for his career he can run for mayor. lol


Teddy breaking ankles


The cubs are winning it all this year.
2016 calling it now


You guys saw the No.1 overall NBA draft pick? He just got injuried. Lmfao sixers’s luck is for the ages.


Cubs or Mets. Two franchises that have endured so much heartache.

Tigers are in a position where they could end up playing 5 games in 5 days in 5 different cities if the baseball gods decide to have some fun.

Last game at Atlanta.
Make up game home vs Indians
Tie breaker away for last WC spot
Away for WC game
Away for 1st game of division series.