America's Four Major Professional Sports Leagues


TOUCHDOWN!!! GO PACK GO!! :slight_smile:


Thank God


Who’s gonna win the conference championships?

NFC Championship

  • Falcons
  • Packers

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AFC Championship

  • Patriots
  • Steelers

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Rodgers Brady is what this country needs to be distracted from Trump for a full day.


I foresee an uncharacteristicly bad day for both of them today and we’ll end up with a Super Bowl no one cares about. But that doesn’t keep me from dreaming of seeing them both go head to head. That would be AWESOME!


I can see the Steelers winning, however I’d like to beat Brady in the SB to show who the real GOAT is. :wink:

Pretty worried about the Packers game though. Falcons will probably score with ease

GoPackGo :cheese:


Nothing will ever stop me from thinking Tom Brady is the GOAT but MUCH respect to Aaron Rodgers, he’s doing incredible.

However I feel like the Falcons will come out victorious, I also heard Aaron Rodgers has the flu.

Speaking of the flu, the Steelers also have it (inb4 #Flugate). Now I don’t think that automatically gives the Pats the win but I’m pretty confident after Big Ben relied on field goals last game.

Anyways, I hope the Patriots go on to win the Superbowl and see TB12 win his fifth ring, I’ll be pretty butthurt if it doesn’t happen this year but I guarantee it’ll happen in the future.

If the Pats don’t go to the Superbowl, I’ll be rooting for the Steelers.


Flugate :grin: I can see people coming up with that excuse


Yeah, I’m not going to try to defend all the scandals that happened with the Pats because I wasn’t there, and nobody truly knows what happened.

But I feel like if you’re going to say the Patriots are only good because of cheating, you’re delusional.


Especially “deflate gate”, I’m pretty sure Rodgers did the same thing. And I thought it was within the rules as far as air in the football.


Good luck to your team! I hope Rodgers leads the Packers to the Superbowl, and of course Go Pats!

Hope our teams face off in the Superbowl and have a super close game!



Not looking great for Green Bay right now, but there’s still plenty of game left.


This game is done. Packers been humiliated!


The team equipment people get X amount of time pregame to wear down the grip on the 6 balls for your team (yes each team uses their own balls on offense). The air must be within certain limits. Deflate gate was when pats balls were under the limit.

Side note: usually each team makes 5 balls set up the way the QB wants and one for the place kicker. Sometimes the punter gets one or a kicker wants 2 set up differently.


GOOOO PATS! :smiley_cat::football:


If Brady wins another superbowl, he’s the %100 GOAT. Still think Rodgers is top #3, hopefully da pack win a superbowl soon. Time is running out for Rodgers :sob:

Rooting for Atlanta cause I hate the Steelers and Patriots :yum:

(out of likes sry guys :heart: )


Pats defense needs to step it up in the second half.

Although that was awesome stopping the Steelers to a field goal.


Since both my Raiders and my Seahawks are out, I was just hoping for some good games. Jebus, this championship weekend was a crapfest.


It’s official!

New England Patriots vs Atlanta Falcons at the Superbowl.