America's Four Major Professional Sports Leagues


God I hope the falcons win :smiling_imp:


@nerdJake Sorry about your loss.


Why must the NFL insist on the probowl?

The NBA is the only sport that has a super enjoyable allstar game bc they just don’t play D and it’s a scoring show with awesome dunks, awesome dunks, more dunks, and some long 3s slash other fun stuff.

MLB has found a way to make all star weekend fun by including the homerun derby but then they killed the fun of the game by making it count towards home field in the WS (dumbest thing ever IMO).

Football allstar games are silly and really no one wants to get hurt. They could just announce the probowl teams and call it a day. Maybe make the probowl a game where said players play with some lucky underpivledged kids or something. Either way I don’t want to have to wait a week between playoffs and probowl! Yes yes yes I know, it’s so they can hype it and have the convention and the interwviews and make money. I still hate the wait.



How I feel now


The pro bowl is horrible, I watch a little bit of one a few years ago and each defense kinda look like Green Bays D against Atlanta, except of course the pro bowlers weren’t trying :joy:


@YacobT This is more entertaining than the pro bowl :joy:


Tomorrow is the night! Go Patriots!

Hope it’s a close game, may the better team win.


I have taken the over at 59 points. This was a case of betting with my heart. I really want to see a shootout.


That was such an amazing game, props to the Atlanta Falcons but the Pats are clearly the better team.

There’s no denying it, it’s a fact that Tom Brady is the greatest of all time.


The first time i watched the Superbowl and then it’s such an amazing game with one of the greatest turnarounds ever!!!


Opening day for Major League Baseball is upon us. The “boys of summer” are back to distract us for 3 hours at a time almost daily and help us escape our real world cares and concerns, if only a little.

I’m a big Detroit Tigers fan and even though we have several stars headlined by the mighty Miggy, we still have our weaknesses and no one has picked us to win our division. We shall see. I have faith.

Who else is excited for their team’s upcoming 162 game season and playoff potential?

Who’s your favorite player and why?

Any interesting stories about your team from the off-season?


AAAAAAAND Boston Celtics get the no.1 overall draft pick while being a conference finals team… lol.

Brooklyn really made a bad deal.


Cleveland winning by 47 on the 3rd. This is insane.


nvm. just in case i dont want trouble


So uhh…who’s ready for NFL football this year?


I was…but then my perpetually promising yet hopeless Lions suffered a TON of injuries to so many starters, I’m left hopeless before the season even starts.

Usually I’m optimistic through at least half the season. Sometimes right till the end before they ultimately remind me I’m watching the Lions. This year that blaze of hope is but a flickering candle right out of the gate.

So it is to be a Lion’s fan. :rolling_eyes:

At least I’m not a Brown’s fan. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Don’t know about NFL. But let me tell you something about NBA: Mavs fucking suck fucking bad.


HOLY SHIT!!! Just read that my Detroit Tigers traded Verlander last night, literally minutes (maybe seconds) before the deadline to make him eligible for the post season. Very sad. Yeah, we were paying him a huge contract but honestly, compared to the other players we have with giant paydays, his was worth it more than the others. Constant professional, integrity and workhorse. Will miss you JV! :heart:


Well FUCK!

From Superbowl champions, to 0-1 in the regular season. Defense was awful, and Tom Brady wasn’t performing like Tom Brady.

Only one game so I’m not ready to say the dynasty is over or Brady sucks now, but I’m hoping this doesn’t continue. Superbowl hangover + the Madden curse doesn’t sound like a good combo.

Still happy football is back though.


How the hell did they let 45 get dropped on them by KC.