An Apology

Hey there,

Some of you may remember me by my username. I was removed from the forum nearly a year ago.

Id like to start by stating that im sorry for those who were offended by the things I said. I got too political for mine or anyone else’s good and went flying off the rails in an argument with members of the community and the admin of the forum, resulting in my ban, and in a combination of anger, shame and sadness, i requested my account to be wiped as if i was never even here.

Since then, Ive had plenty of time to think. and have realized that I was the problem, not anyone else. So I must apologize for how I acted back then. When i think back, all I feel is embarrassment and disappointment in myself about how I squandered so many friendships in a matter of days, and hurt others in the process.

Ive been coming back to the forum more and more recently, and i cannot express how deeply i miss being part of such a friendly and welcoming community, no other forum comes anywhere close in this regard.

It is with great shame, that I ask for another chance, a chance to rebuild some broken bridges and redeem myself, I would give almost anything to be back here with you.

To those whom I hurt, I wish i could tell you how sorry I am, and I can only hope that i will have the chance to somehow make it up to you.

Jarbinger , once my trust level hopefully goes up and i have the permission to message you, i will send a private apology.

In conclusion, its taken me a long while to find the courage to ask to come back. I would completely understand if I am to stay gone, but I hope to God that I have the chance to at least try to make amends.


I wasn’t here back then, but welcome back bud!


Ha! I see what you did, there! Well played! Lol

I’m happy to say that Jarbinger and the mods agreed to let me back onto the forum :grin:

Feels great to be back!


Welcome back!

I remember your name, but not whatever you said to get banned. I think that it is brave of you to make such a sincere apology so publically, though. :smiley:

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Don’t blame me. I haven’t banned anyone in at least 6 years…

I recall when you… went missing. Shortly after I deleted the bookmarks for this forum and stayed away for a good while. Eventually I got to typing in the url to come back, then eventually returned to visiting regularly. Po… er, some things aren’t worth the trouble.