Andrea - Indie Stealth Game inspired by Hitman

Hi guys!

for the last month or so Ive been working on a project of mine called “Andrea”. As stated in the title, it’s a stealth game inspired by hitman and I’m the only person working on the project.

Im working on the project in beta Unity 2019.1, and so far it’s been going great!
Ive gotten all the basic fundamentals done except for the distraction, inventory and shooting system, as well as a few other small details such as SFX

the training level is almost done and i’m going to post a playthrough of the level once i’ve finished up everything. unfortunately, the studio who created the AI controller doesn’t support beta builds of unity and a certain issue is stopping me from fixing the distraction system, so i’ll have to touch on that once it becomes an official release.

Heres a list of features that I plan to implement:

  • Agility such as vaulting, climbing, etc.
  • Distraction items such as coins, bottles and other items
  • Stealth kill (basically subdue, but lethal)
  • Fully working shooting system with a variety of guns
  • Thermal vision (ill get to this later)
  • Whistle distractions: make a small distraction by whistling, and attract all NPCs nearby
  • Multiple melee weapons for different stealth and loud kills
  • Levels of replayability and several ways to kill targets
  • And a bunch more

i mentioned a feature called “thermal vision” in that list. it works like instinct, except you have a limited amount, all NPCs are highlighted in yellow (including targets), weapons and items won’t be highlighted and all NPCs can be seen no matter how far away they are (if they’re really far away, it may be hard to spot them)

here’s a summary in 3 pics:

finally, i’ve got a few pics if you want to see some.


(thermal images are before I added post processing effects to make it all blue)
(all in game screenshots were taken before I added all the lighting and post processing effects)

here are the first two levels which I have already started working on

Training Facility, [REDACTED]

Venice, Italy


found a funny bug

and i also messed around with the bodyguards to get this


Want to wish you the best of luck with this project.

You came right out and said you based it off of HITMAN, so here is an early “eat a d!@k” to anyone that says you are copying.

I hope this turns out to be something this community (and others) can enjoy.


And I’d like to second that wish of the best of luck! :blush:


This is amazing… such a great work considering you are alone in that project… great passion

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Man, you’re really talented. Best of luck!


Thank you all for the kind words :smiley:

ive worked a tad bit on UI, specifically the pause menu, and a few other things.

in a tad bit, i should be able to upload a sketched playthrough of the level for a feel of what the game will be like.

Unfortunately, my sister and I have been having difficulties getting our microphone working and we haven’t recorded any voice lines yet. ill get to those later on in development, as i still have a lot to work on.

but yeah! look forward to that video, should be uploaded sometime this week

EDIT I’m working on the rating system and got my sister as well as @Notex to help play test

The results of their play throughs will all show in the video :slight_smile:

EDIT 2 Im nearly finished with the rating system, i should be able to post the video on Saturday or Sunday, depending on when i get it done

EDIT 3 if I finish my homework early, I can finish the rating system today and possibly finish the spotting system on the weekends if I get response from invector

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Rating system is nearly done, only things left to do is fixing the Shots Fired result in the rating screen (currently shooting a handgun 5 times in a mission results in 275 shots fired on the rating screen) and the rating (Novice, Dilettante, Journeyman, Master)

afterwards, if invector are able to respond I should be able to get the video out by late Saturday, possibly early sunday, but that also depends on when my sister and @Notex are available

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Cant wait to try it. Good luck man!


video should come out tomorrow, but Ive prepared another surprise.

spoilers ahead-If you want to experience a great easter egg

alright I need to update everyone on 2 things

  1. the video has not come out yet due to a few difficulties

  2. ive decided to delay the video in order to add an in game rating tracking system (complete? :white_check_mark:) and a second training level with a step by steo tutorial (complete? :x: in progress? :white_check_mark:)

i’d also like to make an announcement

currently at 5:35pm 27/02/19, i’ve only used creative common, public assets in order to build the game. examples include the main character, training level, animations, NPCs and SFX

i’m willing to pay 3d modellers, level designers, musicians and/or sfx artists and negotiate on prices. i’m a bit scared about this decision as im not quite comfortable with making transactions straight through paypal or bank accounts

i’d be willing to pay through marketplaces and websites that allow you to purchase through the market and get assets as soon as payment goes through, but if that’s not a valid option, ill need to negotiate with my family as i am quite young and depend on their online accounts in order to pay (though i do pay them back in cash, im not a spoilt brat hehe)

thanks everyone :slight_smile:

edit: i’ve also had a special idea in mind where players who partake in the early access beta will be able to design their own targets and bonus missions, but we’ll see in the future

@Notex said he’d be willing to play test the game, so if i do manage to pull off this idea, he’ll probably be the first ill contact. what do you guys think?

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just discovered the creative corner, i moved the post to that category since i feel it fits better there

anyone still interested in offers?

As for updates on the game, im slowly but surely working on the tutorial and its taking me a while as i’m a bit unmotivated and working on the tutorial is a slow process

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Best wishes to your efforts, excited to see the finished game.

From your description it also give me some Metal Gears vibe, quite interesting.

We need more of Hitman type games for sure, smart, strategic and special.


Heya everyone.

So I was on a bit of a hiatus while working on this project, mainly because I was waiting for Unity to release an official version of Unity 2019 so that I could finally get to work on the distraction system. Since previously I was in a beta build, Invector was preventing me from adding decisions to the NPC AI system, but they’ve since patched it.

I’ve had a few things planned for development in the upcoming months, here’s a list of them:

  • Throwable Distractions: Bring along a coin or two to help you get NPCs to where you want them to be.

  • Improved AI Distraction System: NPCs will react to distractions normally instead of like a robot. NPCs will become suspicious if they hear too many distractions, will only investigate so many distractions at a time, will detect footsteps and so much more.

  • Dead Bodies: Instead of trampling over dead bodies, NPCs will react accordingly and search the area.

  • In-Game Tutorial: Currently I’m working on making an in-depth tutorial level that teaches the basics of how to play the game and how everything works.

  • Weapons and Upgrades Shop: A neat inventory is good UI: so I’ll work on a shop so that you’re not stuck to one basic weapon of each category.

  • Improved Graphics and Rendering: With Unity 2019 came a lot of new additions that allows for better graphics. In the next few months I’ll be working on:
    Changing from Gamma to Linear Graphics
    Using a HD Render Pipeline
    Additional post processing effects for a more realistic approach
    Reflections and realistic lighting

  • Venice, Italy: After all these mechanics are done, I’ll get to work on the first actual sandbox level. It’ll take a while, but I promise this level will be worthwhile.

BTW: Still looking for 3D Modellers, Level Designers, Musicians and people specialising in other fields of game development.


Quick Update: Even with an official release of Unity 2019 and an updated version of Invector’s TPC, the UI still seems to be broken, so all updates to the NPCs’ AI will have to be put on hold.

I’m working on trying to find a solution with Invector, and I’ll notify everyone when the issue has been fixed.

I’m personally really excited about the Venice location, can you share a few screen shots/details? :smiley:

I still need to work a ton on graphics and so forth since right now I’m not even using the right Colour Space.

I’m using Gamma right now, and while Linear is more realistic, switching to it will break some of the lighting. I’ll share screenshots once I’ve found a solution, but for now you’ll just have to be a pit patient. Don’t worry, I’ll try to get it done ASAP.

Alright, good luck :+1:

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This looks incredible.

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