Andrea - Indie Stealth Game inspired by Hitman

This is amazing man.
I wish you all the luck.
Great work.

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Update: I’ve updated the colour space from Gamma to Linear and changed all materials from deprecated to Standard/Standard Specular. This should make the map drastically different and add reflections and better lighting.

There is an issue where the lights are becoming too bright when above reflective and metallic surfaces, but turning down the bloom should do it.

Now, I found the root of the problem delaying my progress on AI systems: UI in Unity 2019 is completely broken. Invector has said that they tested the plugin on Unity 2019 beforehand, but I still can’t add decisions.

Unfortunately, I can’t do much about it and I have to wait for either Invector or Unity to do something about it.

Finally, I’m removing the release date on Early Access copies. Having a time restriction makes working on the project a lot more stressful, especially with the Unity 2019 bug, and the game could be polished more if I got more time.

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Sounds Great, though I hardly understood any of it :sweat_smile:. Good to remove the release date, I can’t wait for more info

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I do screenplay writing, Concept Art, and I can whip up some customized human figures very quickly with DAZ and Blender. I’m also not terribly expensive. :slight_smile:


I’m interested! I’m a bit busy right now, but I’ll make sure to talk to you in future :wink:

EDIT: I’m adding in the HDRender Pipeline, this should hopefully make the graphics look 10x better than they already are :smiley:

I can do story scriptwriting and some concept artwork. Willing to make it painless in terms of price so that you won’t be scared of the bank/paypal transactions.

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Can you give us the exact locations? I mean we know there will be missions in Japan, Russia and Australia etc. But can you tell where the targets will be. Theater? Mansion? City center?

Then I am looking forward to youre story, I am good in making briefings for targets and writing the story. But I don’t know anything about the whole program things!

I write a book (something like Hitman) where a lot of fictional companies, organisations, famous people, and everything you can find around the globe.

Mabye you wanted to use some of the companies? Or something? To benefit your story for Andrea?

Great work so far!

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I can help out in either the writing or soundtrack stuff in case you are looking for help around there.

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Also for Story/Concept art reasons… is Andrea only in this “military infiltrator” mode? Or is this like ATOMIC BLONDE where she also has a “lady” mode where she can attend social events… because we can always like pull a Jessica Rabbit where she covers her eyepatch with long hair without the bun or something… :stuck_out_tongue:

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Venice - The target is located in a high profile house surrounded by security and bodyguards.

San Diego - The target can be found roaming the streets in public areas, such as a nearby party or the park. However, Hall has a fake identity which needs to be bypassed before the target can be killed.

Hiroshima - The target roams around the upper floors of the hospital and examines some patients. The other targets are scattered around the entire hospital.

Moscow - The target roams a nearby ancient castle where he is trying to discover and extract artefacts. The area is completely hostile however, and he is very paranoid, meaning he will run at any signal of danger.

Newcastle - The target can be found in his own apartment guarded by security while he is resting. He can be woken up in which he will visit another apartment, but he can also be killed in his own. The target also has an interrogation room which will come in handy for the story later on…


Andrea is loosely involved with another business that I should soon think of (lmao) but does contracts as her main job.

So she does have a lady mode, but contracts is her main thing.

That’s great! The levels I have in mind are inspired by assets on the Unity Asset Store (I’ve already downloaded the asset pack for Venice which also comes with a demo scene, if you’re looking for inspiration or help) and these could come in handy if you’re a bit stuck or out of ideas. I’ll make sure to contact you once I’ve finished working on some things.

That’s also great! Could you possible provide a portfolio or some of the works you’ve created just so I have an idea of what your capability is? I’m mainly looking for artists experienced with ambient music, so if that’s a specialty, that’s perfect!

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Would be interesting if the two are connected by story and gameplay. Kind of like how in ATOMIC BLONDE Lorraine/Satchel has dynamic missions but some of the encounters are more Hitman-like social encounters and you usually need one to setup the other in the storyline. Like Andrea needs to attend an auction to learn the location of a pier where a key item will be droped, or if inverted, there is a mission at a pier where Andrea is unable to find said item only to learn it will be at an auction and so on.

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Great! I can’t wait to see some screenshots of the first location! And I think the one in Russia will be a great contract.

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RIP, upgrading to HDRP ruins thermal. Looks like I’m going to need to re-create the shader in Shader Graph, which will be hard since I haven’t learned to read shader code yet.

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I’m reading only now. If you still need I’m a 3d modeler with Autodesk Maya


andrea looking hot

This is pretty exiting! I can draw some concept art but it won’t be super high quality! Plus I can play guitar and make some soundtrack(in style of soundtrack of Colombia village)

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Question for everyone:

Would you like to see pictures of the assets used as inspiration for the levels?

  • Yes
  • No

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I’ll post the assets and pics in a bit