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I was looking to start watching an Anime show or two and was wondering what people recommend. The last anime I watched was one punch man. I have just noticed Baki has been added to Netflix, is that any good?

Dragon ball Super huehuehuee

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Haven’t watch Dragon ball in years! I wouldn’t know where to start. I’m not hard-core enough to want to watch them all from the start again.

Just start with Super. No problem

Might just do that, I don’t think I watched any of those.

My favourite is Ghost in the Shell because I am much into the cyberpunk genre. Can recommend that one.


Maybe I did watch some of super then as I remember Buu. Was he in previous episodes before super?

Ah ok, I’ll be able to remember if I’ve seen it anyway. Is DBS on Netflix by any chance?

Yes I’m sure I can find a way :wink:. Any other recommendations anyone? Has anyone seen Baki?

Gohan has always been a little bitch imo, except vs cell

Early Buu saga was super tight, great resolution to Vegeta’s character and they setup Gohan PROPERLY taking over from Goku very well. A shame Toriyama changed his mind at the very last minute about both of those. I refuse to believe Vegeta and Goku being the ones to beat Buu was planned given how the rest of the saga was structured. The quality started to decline very slowly when Goku left Earth IMO and then it really became a clusterfuck when they totally dropped the ball on completing Gohan’s character arc. Everything after Goku is revived to help Gohan feels like it was made up on the spot.

FUCK you Gohan’s the coolest motherfucker of them all

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AVGN just recently did a review of Akira (the VHS from the 80’s?), but it’s been said that the anime is trying to compress multiple Manga issues into the couple of hours it was shown in. So it doesn’t seem to make much sense to most people that watch it their 1st time. There is a redubbed version from several years ago on DVD, and it is easier to follow. But it’s definitely worth more than one viewing… That is, if you aren’t left feeling mentally exhausted after watching it. :smile:

FMA: Brotherhood > FMA. Brotherhood is said to be based off the Manga. If you plan on watching both, go with FMA first, then Brohood.

There’s a few others I’ve watched… But I’ll go ahead and suggest this other one… Ixion Saga DT.

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Beerus and Vegeta disagree. Gohan acted like a coward and cried way too many times. Continues to let people down.

The whole buu sage wasn’t planned

Is there any particular genre you are more interested in? What kinds of TV shows and films do you like to watch? If you want to watch a good slice of life anime with a focus on music, I’d recommend “Kids on the Slope” (Sakamichi no Apollon) and “Your Lie in April” (Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso). If you’re looking for mecha anime, I can’t recommend Neon Genesis Evangelion (any other Eva fans, shhh!) enough and there are near countless Gundam shows. If you prefer comedy, go with Ranma 1/2, it’s old school, but the jokes hold up today and for stupid fun, watch Ghost Stories (Gakkō no Kaidan) watch the dub, they literally were given no instructions and free reign of whatever they wanted to say as long as the most basic elements of the plot remained in tact. All of those, with the exception of Gundam and Ranma 1/2, are standard length anime (around 26 episodes) so you can get through them in a couple of days and all are available on streaming services. A good semi-period anime, Samurai Champloo, was fun while it lasted, though it felt like it dragged on a bit, it’s very stylized. Another extremely short anime (6 episodes), also highly stylized, that I recommend is FLCL. It will leave you wanting more, and while they have recently released a couple of sequels, I haven’t watched them, so can’t speak to how good they are.

Samurai champloo was very good! I watched it twice. I like action based anime but I don’t like mecha anime, it never really appealed to me. Anything dark or violent or that involves supernatural stuff or fighting should be on the right track.

Watch Neon Genesis Evangelion. Trust me!!!

When you say dark, do you mean horror or do you mean psychological?

For kind of a mix of horrorish, psychological, definitely dark, lots of gore, you could watch “Death Frenzy” (Shigurui), though the anime doesn’t have an ending, the manga does and it is almost identical as far as the story goes, they omit a lot from the manga in the anime (including the ending). You’ll want the ending, so I kind of recommend reading the manga instead. It’s a story about two rival samurai who face off a few times over the course of their lives and how it destroys their lives and the lives of those around them.

I basically just mean a lot of violence and bloodshed or demons, vampires, killers etc.

For Gohan? Sure, teen Gohan ssj2 was a badass. For the series i disagree. Always favored Freeza Saga over Cell.

Hellsing. That’s exactly what you described.

You could also watch Berserk, similar.

Someone mentioned Akira earlier, I recommend that, but agree with what they said and every review out there, there’s a lot missing. It was basically created when the manga was half way done, so there’s a lot of stuff missing, but it’s a classic and you’ll never forget it!

And there’s always “Another”…

For Manga, you could read Battle Royale. Think Hunger Games, but way before Hunger Games was ever released (and Hunger games is totally a copy of Battle Royale!).

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I think I avoided this because I didn’t like the look of the protagonist. I will look past this though and give it a try, thanks.