Anime discussion


I was looking to start watching an Anime show or two and was wondering what people recommend. The last anime I watched was one punch man. I have just noticed Baki has been added to Netflix, is that any good?


Dragon ball Super huehuehuee


Haven’t watch Dragon ball in years! I wouldn’t know where to start. I’m not hard-core enough to want to watch them all from the start again.


Just start with Super. No problem


I’d rewatch all of Dragon Ball Z in a jiffy!



Might just do that, I don’t think I watched any of those.


Except the Buu Saga. That can fuck off. RIP Gohan’s self respect


My favourite is Ghost in the Shell because I am much into the cyberpunk genre. Can recommend that one.


Maybe I did watch some of super then as I remember Buu. Was he in previous episodes before super?


Yes mate! Both the '95 film and SAC are solid gold!

Bring on Cyberpunk 2077! :heart_eyes:


Yes, his Saga was the final one of DBZ.


Ah ok, I’ll be able to remember if I’ve seen it anyway. Is DBS on Netflix by any chance?


I don’t believe so, but there are plenty of other places you could stream it I’m sure.


Yes I’m sure I can find a way :wink:. Any other recommendations anyone? Has anyone seen Baki?


Gohan has always been a little bitch imo, except vs cell


Early Buu saga was super tight, great resolution to Vegeta’s character and they setup Gohan PROPERLY taking over from Goku very well. A shame Toriyama changed his mind at the very last minute about both of those. I refuse to believe Vegeta and Goku being the ones to beat Buu was planned given how the rest of the saga was structured. The quality started to decline very slowly when Goku left Earth IMO and then it really became a clusterfuck when they totally dropped the ball on completing Gohan’s character arc. Everything after Goku is revived to help Gohan feels like it was made up on the spot.

FUCK you Gohan’s the coolest motherfucker of them all


Yes. For as much as they fucked up Gohan, I will admit they did some great character growth for Vegeta.


AVGN just recently did a review of Akira (the VHS from the 80’s?), but it’s been said that the anime is trying to compress multiple Manga issues into the couple of hours it was shown in. So it doesn’t seem to make much sense to most people that watch it their 1st time. There is a redubbed version from several years ago on DVD, and it is easier to follow. But it’s definitely worth more than one viewing… That is, if you aren’t left feeling mentally exhausted after watching it. :smile:

FMA: Brotherhood > FMA. Brotherhood is said to be based off the Manga. If you plan on watching both, go with FMA first, then Brohood.

There’s a few others I’ve watched… But I’ll go ahead and suggest this other one… Ixion Saga DT.


Beerus and Vegeta disagree. Gohan acted like a coward and cried way too many times. Continues to let people down.

The whole buu sage wasn’t planned


The end of the Cell Saga was the series’ peak. Everything had led to that moment and it was glorious. One handed Kamehameha? GTFOuttahere! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: