Anime discussion


Well in that case, allow me to share the greatest animated show of all time:

Check it out if you haven’t. I don’t watch anime, so I’m not gonna stick around this thread.

Cowboy Bebop is on my list to watch, however.


I watched many random episodes that were on TV but never got into it properly. I did the same thing with the Simpsons and South park.


I grew up on the simpsons. Futurama was a natural progression once I became an adult.

It’s fair to say that Matt Groening really shaped my sense of humor.


What was the oldest/first anime you watched?


Yeah the Androids/Cell saga was just excellent writing. Only thing that’s come close to it so far is the Trunks arc in Super and the Majin Vegeta episodes of the Buu saga. Even comparing those two to the Cell saga though, the Cell saga is just way more impressive. Every character, not just Gohan, Trunks and Vegeta, had something interesting going on and all their individual arcs get wrapped up so nicely at the end. That shit had the sickest fight scenes too


Kenshin was my first anime. It was in tv sundaymorning renamed samurai x. But was taken from air because to many parents complained it was to violent. I do indeed think the channel did not know what they were showing. Watched it all then al little later knowing what anime is. Since the Ive seen lotsbof anime shows… Now Im watching it again on netflix bacause its 15years ago since Ive seen it.


Well, it seems you well and truly missed the age of high-budget anime programs.
I don’t know if you like science-fiction but I would recommend SUPER DIMENSION FORTRESS: MACROSS.

The show was part of the “counter-Super Robot” movement in Japan and Asia at the time, an era that also spawned Gundam - a time when writers and artists were moving away from “super robots” as “superheroes” and more as objects without “personalities” that were instead just vehicles for the real heroes of the shows.

This was, for me, an eye opener back in the day. Expensive animation (for the time), with a realistic slant. It was like a grittier, yet more romantic version of Battlestar Galactica when the only version people knew at the time was the campy one with Dirk Benedict.

This was also back in the time when the idea behind an OVA movie was to summarize key story arcs, and the one for MACROSS was particularly stellar because it basically compressed the plot from “Saturn” to “Earth” (the series progressed by order of the planets in the solar system after a botched space jump sent Macross to Pluto… the ship and its contingent of space-converted fighters is trying to make its way back to Earth but without the space fold system which didn’t re-materialize after the Pluto incident).

The OVA was also famous for its budget… the opening sequences alone put many modern anime to shame…

This OVA though was not the most expensive anime production ever made. I still believe that record belongs to either AKIRA or the GITS animated film directed by Mamoru Oshii.

Macross is also, of course, infamous for its association with the US company Harmony Gold that tried to bring this series into the US as “Robotech” - the mutant combination of Macross with two other anime shows Harmony Gold imported: Southern Cross and Genesis Climber Mospeada. The fallout from the rights mess means few outside Japan know that the cult of Macross survives to this day (the newest series to bear the name premiered only last 2016).


My recommendations will be:

  1. Re: zero
  2. Death Note
  3. Relife
  4. Ore monogatari
  5. Golden boy (probably the most hilarious anime I’ve seen)
  6. Your name
  7. A garden of words


My favorite anime regarding animation thus far is redline. Blown away by the sense of speed they can show. Just when you think it cant go faster the then double it again. Storywise not very deep but enough to get the racingaction gooing…


Redline was very well done indeed.
Madhouse and Production I.G. are where the action is at.

Just saying there was an era characterized by higher budgets and “serious” plots that weren’t so outlandish.

Macross’ main plot focuses on the ship itself whose systems, including the one-off space fold system, were the result of overtechnology humans didn’t understand.

We only learn later that the ship, and the aliens who followed it to Earth and looked like hostile invaders, were all tied to a mystery of where we all came from… a “creator’s culture”… aka: a Proto Culture.

Like I said… coming from He-Man and the Masters of the Universe… shows like this were a big revelation to me of what cartoons could be like.


There’s also this if you guys are in the mood for something a little different: