Announcing New Elusive Target: The Drop (Active, 27 october - 27 November 2023)

(See: The Sarajevo Six and their super-misleading routines in their briefings)


I added the reveal trailer to the original post. I really hope the “only one chance” is just a tagline to promote it and it’ll eventually be reran/archived in the Arcade.

By the way, I just now noticed there’s a perfect amount of likes on the original post!



If I were hiring a celebrity for a mission, I’d probably want to record as much dialog and interactions as I can, so that’d make the most sense.


Is no one else going to point out that the target’s name has been changed and is no longer shared with his likeness and voice actor? I find that rather unfortunate.


I expected this, since they did the same thing with Mark Faba portrayed by Sean Bean


That one I could understand, but Gary Busey was still Gary Busey as The Wild Card. It’s more interesting when the celebrity is still called who they are.


It’s a little unfortunate, but I assume if he’s supposed to be this “evil/powerful drug kingpin” parody of himself, he’d rather keep his real name away from being directly tied to it, just in case of any malicious association to himself…

(Unless he actually has something to hide about that hehehe)


But again, Gary Busey… actually, now that I think about it, that’s the answer in-and-of itself. Never mind.

I will say though, I genuinely think the actor has a cooler name than the character in this case.


(Mark is Sean Bean’s middle name and Faba is Latin for “bean”)


I don’t think they’d want to detract from the “Busey-ness” of his voicelines. A load of them are just him screetching or there’s papers rustling (even someone else’s voice!).

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I haven’t been able to look at the whole thing and see the little details that they put into these trailers because I’m currently at work, but did anyone see any indications in the trailer of when the contract on this target takes place? Is it an ICA operation, with that bit it text that’s always floating around during these, or are we thinking this is a “Freelance” job?

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The club has (hastily) been rebranded to “Club Boom”.


Still better than the content being lost to time though, at least officially (since Peacock and mods exists).

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It’s not lost to time in any sense of that phrase, there’s no need to be dramatic.

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I would not be surprised if the sound director just told Busey to just start random tangents in the recording booth.

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If it’s not playable in the game on an official basis, which its not, its lost to time and is now just a memory.


This is a choice of opinions I never thought I’d have to pick from, but I gotta agree with @thrison on this one, @Dribbleondo. If we can’t ever play it again, it’s gone for all practical purposes.

Being “lost to time” would be acceptable for something like, say, lost media. Missing episodes of Doctor Who are lost to time (ironically), missing source code for some of the old Square Enix games, those are lost to time. The Wildcard and The Undying/Returns are not lost to time as mods can, and have, restored them unofficially. Time still remembers them, nothing is lost other than the ability to play them on official servers, which doesn’t exactly mean “lost to time”, moreso “not officially being re-released”. IOI have had plenty of opportunities to remove them from the files, or break mods, but haven’t done so, and I sense it’s because it’d be more trouble than it’s worth.

So long as they continue to turn a blind eye, everyone benefits, and as preservation efforts go, that’s pretty much what you want from a developer, right next to “total co-operation”.

Officially, they’re likely staying gone, but saying that they are lost to time is needlessly dramatic and not needed.

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Way to focus on one thing instead of the overall sentiment of the post - which is that people are more likely to prefer the content be playable than keeping the “joke” of the target being Sean Bean.


Semantically, I agree that those targets/missions are not actually “lost”. They’re in the code, mods can enable them, and miners can uncover that code.

Functionally though the casual player who doesn’t have a PC or isn’t comfortable modding their game cannot access them. To those players, you can actually say that they are “lost to time” until IOI officially brings them back into production in some manner.

If you prefer you call them abandonware targets. You can call them “not officially being released”. Or you can call them “lost to time”. It’s a distinction without a difference to the casual player and asking those players to just “stop being dramatic” is insulting.

Have you seen pretty much any forum on the internet lately (dramatic tone intended)? It’s full of people being dramatic. On this very forum we have posts about such and such Deadly Sin mission being the “worst content ever”. We have posts about IOI “no longer caring whatsoever about their customers”. We have posts about “a complete lack of any game content at all since the day of release”. Asking a forum of internet users to stop being dramatic is going to be about as effective as yelling at a brick wall to stop being made of bricks.

You knew full well what they meant when they said the missions were “lost to time”. Don’t be pedantic.