Announcing New Elusive Target: The Drop (Active, 27 october - 27 November 2023)

47 looks absolutely badass on that cover pic! :grin:

It didn’t say anything about ‘ ICA Sanctioned Target’ in the trailer, so it could very well be a Freelance job I guess. Personally, I’m hoping it’s around the timeline where 47 is Freelance.


I don’t. Until a new game shows that Diana and 47 have rebuilt the ICA, I want it kept in the loop with these little excursions to the past with ICA sanctioned ETs.

Tad disappointed it’s not on Ambrose, as adding an outdoor rave in the town would have been neat.

Still, Berlin is my fave H3 map so can’t complain all that much :slight_smile:


Happy to see a new Elusive Target Mission, especially on Berlin which is such a well designed underground club :+1:

I hope that they will be able to keep this celebrity ET for longer than previous ones, so we can replay it later in time.

Looking forward to try it!


Some extra observations from the trailer:

  • The names that it cycles through at the beginning are Albert Smith, Jason Star, John Doe, Steve Boss, Leo Mann, and Alexios Laskaris. Underneath, it says “The underworld had given him power when music had failed. His alliance shifted accordingly, and he made it his mission to dominate the scene in a manner where he knew he could seize the upper hand.

  • There’s a new NPC with Alexios in a few shots, with the turtleneck & chain. The way he’s standing near Alexios in the bikers shot makes me think he might be a bodyguard of some sort, and the fact that he’s bald & a new character also makes me think he might be a new disguise, like Timothy Yu in The Undying.

  • Aside from the bouncers having “Club Boom” on their jackets, it’s also on the crates in the opening shot. The Club Crew visible in the biker hangout also has new text on the back of his shirt. It’s only partly visible, but the part that is visible says “CULTR.” including the dot after it. There seems to be something written above it as well.

  • As Dimitri Vegas’ name is on-screen, Alexios is seen talking to the bald guy in a room I don’t recognize. It looks like it might be Hirschmuller’s office or the downstairs bar, although it looks too empty to be the bar. It seems to have been remodeled for the ET; the couch in the background is from the Concrete Pack, and I don’t think it was reused from anywhere. I haven’t seen that pattern on that couch anywhere else, at least.

  • While routes in trailers & briefings aren’t final and don’t necessarily represent the target’s route, Alexios is also seen in the DJ booth, near the light tree, and in the bikers’ bike room. He’s also doing cocaine in the final shot, so there could be a poison opportunity.

(Edited to clarify a small point I meant to make, but forgot because it was almost midnight.)


That’s the internet in a nutshell, 24/7. I’m not gonna stop calling specific people dramatic because of exaggerated claims or sensationalised opinions and news, and I will continue in calling them out.

No, I thought Thrison was being unnecessarily over-dramatic – I think I even said that twice over. And I wasn’t aiming my statement at anyone else. I’m not sure why you’ve suddenly decided to make it so I’m talking about everyone on consoles, because that’s not who my statement was aimed at. Don’t try and apply context for one response I made to one person, and then try to apply it to a wholly different situation, as if I think that my statement applies there too, because it doesn’t. I’d probably have a different viewpoint on things, hell I’d probably agree with you.

I didn’t know “full well” what they meant because I didn’t see any kind of subcontext at play. You are not me, and at no point was I even attempting to be a pedant, because something being “lost to time” and something “being inaccessible but still in the code” are two very different things in my mind. I don’t think they are the same thing or distinctions without a difference. There is nuance in that writing, I feel.

If these are all semantics anyway, then we’re all being pedants about this, I just happen to have the most unpopular opinion it seems.

I’ve muted this thread for a while, because I have a feeling this is going to end in tears otherwise.

You are correct in that there was no subtext in my post (because there wasn’t any intended), but incorrect in the sense that the initial post with the “lost in time” comment instead outright stated that it was referring to what is officially available and also acknowledged that mods and Peacock both exist. For the sake of simplicity, that post is quoted below.

And therein lies the disconnect. Feeling that @thrison’s statement was exaggeration not only doesn’t make it so, but is irrelevant to the point he was making. In any practical sense, he was correct.

Anyway, yeah, after going over the trailer again and looking carefully, I see no sign of ICA involvement, so this may very well be our first ET to take place after the main game. While it would be nice to see that 47 was taking down more than the crime syndicates in Freelancer during this time and going for individually contracted targets, that does bring up the question of how the client knew to contact Diana about it. Unless, like the contracts on the syndicate Leaders, the client just put an open bounty out into the ether of the dark web and Diana found it and decided to go with it.

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You know what it looks like - this place, fitted out to be a hangout spot for vegas:


That could just be from an old operative from the ICA or Providence who sided with Diana and escaped the fall of both organizations.


is 20 characters. quite the resume


I mean there’s no reference to this one being an ICA sanctioned target, so I still think we’re non the wiser as to where it’s set? I guess we might find out more info soon.

Well, this guy is gonna be coming up before we know it, as we’re already a third of the way through September, and I’m getting more excited for it. Anyone wanna share their thoughts on what they hope they can do as their kill method with this guy?


Lethal poison a line of coke that he obviously “tests” to see if it’s up to his standards before shipping it off.

^Not a spoiler, just a logical prediction.


Ha, but just as with the Twins ET, he’ll make someone else try it first so you only have a super short window of opportunity.

(Just throwing spaghetti at the wall)


Imagine if they add the stalker fan from Bangkok and hide him somewhere in Berlin - like he’s moved on from stalking Jordan Cross for obvious reasons, and now 47 is about to take out his next obsession.

I’d love to take out Dimitri as his number one fan.


Almost too obvious, but definitely a strong possibility.


The stalker fan was stalking Heidi, not Jordan Cross, so maybe he’s still at it.

But I love the idea. Unless they give him the stalker AI from that one infuriating escalation or the S6 Colorado target and his bodyguards. Imagine that in an ET! :joy:


It would be interesting if they did an alternate version of the ICA Agents meeting. Like you disguise yourself as Rolf Hirschmüller and call Alexios to have a meeting, but instead of it being a big shootout with people who know they’re walking into a trap, clueless Alexios dismisses all of his guards and isolates himself for you. To not make it too easy, they could have Rolf be harder to isolate and get his disguise.


I guess it will be added later to the arcade, but I am curious if anyone will adopt a strict no restart policy. As for me, l will do some recon run but I also have other accounts to play it multiple times. Some of these haven’t many unlocks so they represent additional challenges.