Announcing New Elusive Target: The Drop (Active, 27 october - 27 November 2023)

Him being a celebrity (with his image/likeness and voice talent being in use, like the others before him) I doubt he’ll be added to the ET Arcade.

I will highly likely do a recon run, maybe test things with emetic poisons if going to use lethal in the real run. Or setting some other accident trap…


As much as I like Freelancer, I miss the narrative part of the game. Catching dialogues, finding opportunities, sometimes even talking to the right people.

So I hope for a story mission like opportunity. Bonus if it’s a social one. I see the one in the Rage as a good example of what I wish to see.

But if I could go further : looking at the informations we currently have, I really hope for a proxy elimination by creating tension between the target and the biker gang.
I mean, David Bateson recorded lines for the teaser trailer, so why not have a dialogue ?


Seems like The Wild Card


I don’t know who they are. I haven’t any idea. I just voted because IOI asks to do it and because Dimitri Vegas accepted to be killed for our fun . Voting is the least we can do for him


Not quite. The Wild Card was (ostensibly) to determine which of the two Gary’s would be the actual target in-game. This seems like it’s just to identify who the best disc jockey is in some magazine.


I just don’t read text in the vote


Something feels a little weird to use your big game newsletter to influence some unconnected DJ magazine’s popularity rankings.

I have no idea who Dimitri and Mike are, so if I were to vote, It’d be a lie!


Had the same feeling, especially when the purpose of the magazine’s poll surely is, well, curating the best DJ, not the one who got enough deals with (game) companies to advertise them.


The only one I have really ever even heard of, and who isn’t in this poll presumable, is Jazzy Jeff… I don’t even know what a disc jockey actually does other than play records.


I just deleted the email when it came through. I don’t care in slightest about Dimitri Vegas and his career/achievements.


Just for your information, this is what Wikipedia has to say about DJ Mag Top 100 voting

I just add that this is an annual poll

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I’ll admit… I haven’t given this guy’s songs or whatever he does that much of a listen. I think I did listen to a couple, but what I heard didn’t compel my attention enough to want to like/follow the guy on social media. I’ll leave this hear… er, here? to listen to later… assuming I can stand any of the songs. :sweat_smile:

I wonder if he does anything like Paul Van Dyk, or (some of the stuff they feature with) Anjuna Beats/Anjuna Deep. :thinking:

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I doubt this set consists of all of their tracks.
DJs very seldom play their own tracks non-stop during their performances, I will say almost never.
As far as I know, Vegas’s style is more of a house/techno/pop so it’s more like David Guetta or Benny Benassi or Carl Cox territory.
Paul Van Dyk is all trance guy, nothing similar to Vegas.
Anjuna also releases more trancy/progressive/chillout stuff which is not Vegas’ area.
I would say Vegas’ music is more like what we used to hear to in Berlin main mission, but more turned to pop-music side


My first approach will be to “try” with my favourite kill method. In case You’re not familiar with it, or anyone else for that matter, it’s SA/SONKO while using the crossbow to blind surrounding npcs and a lethal syringe to kill the target, just like i did in my “My favourite kill method” videos of killing targets where they stand, meaning i don’t distract anyone in any way.

The reason i put TRY in quotations is because i won’t know if that’s possible until i see how he’s accessible. Some targets like the badboy are not eligible to be killed in my favourite kill method. But a target like Caruso while playing golf was one of my favourite settings to get my kill.

What’s your first thought for a kill?

Actually i gotta try. I think i may have an idea that could possibly work. And if it does, I’m gonna surprise myself. lol

This doesn’t even make sense to me. I know absolutely nothing about this target so I have no idea how he can be killed. I don’t have a “favorite” kill method so whatever works is what I’ll use.


Hence why I said how you hope you can kill him, if there’s something you’d like to try on a brand new ET. A weapon you’ve not used before and decided now is a good time to take it for a spin? A method that Berlin offers but you’ve never thought to put into play before now? Or even just that you hope to get him right after he has some kind of conversation with an NPC, like Novikov or Abiatti, where it’s poetic for him to die a mere second after the conversation ends? Anything worth sharing.

I’d like some unique cool kills like the android or the pen in The Undying, something more than just generic contracts mode kills.


Not long left now until we’ll get to sink our teeth into this one since October is almost here! :smiley:

Its been a long wait to get something brand new in the game (outside of the monthly challenges/unlocks).


Interestnigly, Elsie Bennett has returned to do voiceover for new target mission. I assumed I haven’t heard from her in game because her contract expired in 2021, but perhaps it was prolonged. Or she signed another.

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Forgive me for this one, but… who?