Announcing New Elusive Target: The Drop (Active, 27 october - 27 November 2023)

I’ve started a game, got to a “safe” spot, and walked away from the game for a while - up to 12 hours for sure. Could be the player just didn’t pause the game while he ran off to work or school or something.


Hello guys :blush:

After hours of pain and retries, i’ve finally completed my first HITMAN 3 Elusive Target!

That wasn’t really an easy job, as i had to start with limited equipment and the target is surrounded by the public in the club and closely guarded.

I’ve tried both starts (biker and club entrance) but i chose the default start as it felt more challenging and with a better view of the Berlin map :+1:

It was interesting to see that the club was kinda remodeled especially for the target, as well as additional lines of dialogue for NPCs and 47 :+1:

Also, there are multiple opportunities of interacting with the target and killing it, making that Elusive Target kinda unique in its genre.

The DJ who plays Alexios might not be that famous, but i think that the music fits and that he played the character nicely :+1:

The guard that follows Alexios isn’t very powered inside the building, but at least he has a stylish look (and gun) ^^’

Also, the suit that is rewarded for playing the mission is nice, looking forward to try it on the dancefloor :smiley:

Director tips :movie_camera:

  • A ma grande surprise my “training” playthrough was slightly better than the last one. So i took this one instead.

No difference for you guys except a very little change between the two, i’ll let you try to find out what it is :wink:

  • Since i was unsatisfied with the general sounds and game ending music of that ET (it’s almost silent or too loud) i decided to almost entirely remix the whole stuff.

It took some more time but i guess that it was worth it.

  • It took almost 50 retries before getting to the final result, phew /!\

It took me more time (and replays!) than expected to achieve that mission. But i really wanted to have a nice playthrough, visually and gameplay-wise so it was worth the extended period of retries :+1:

Anyway i’m kinda satisfied wih the ending result, i hope that you will also enjoy it:

Beware speedrunners! I’m taking my time on this one… :stuck_out_tongue:

I’d like to thank io interactive and the modding community for those amazing features and improvements, it really helped increase the quality of the playthrough, visually and gameplay-wise :slight_smile:

Playing that Elusive Target was also the opportunity for me to re-release 2 of my best previous playthroughs of elusive targets in HITMAN and HITMAN 2, awaiting a deeper and final release of more targets. Feel free to check it out:

Note for viewers: The videos are only available on Dailymotion for the moment, the Youtube upload taking much longer than expected to complete, it should be fixed within the next days :+1:

Awaiting that, please enjoy the videos anyway.

Cheers and cya on a next mission :wink:


Well, through a secondary account I use from time to time, I’ve now also killed this target by dropping the beat on him as the DJ. I have one more backup account that I think I’ll use to just fiber wire him.


It’s about 4 days until the drop goes away not going to lie I will miss the little posters around Berlin advertising it if they go away that is


I so hope that a Special Assignment or something is made of this version of Berlin. It’s just too fucking good to let slip away with this ET, assuming The Drop is never coming back. But even then, a regular mission should be permitted. The new layout, decorations and music, it’s too good.


I’d gladly pay an extra fee for a DLC set that has “edited/modified” renditions of “The Wildcard”, “The Undying”, and “The Drop” that have different targets or antagonists that are not the real life personalities that they originally had.

If IOI could figure out a way to re-release these 3 ETs without the big names (or their likeness), they could plug them into the ET Arcade as well.

Too bad nobody there is listening to us here on this forum (much less can actually do anything)…


What significant changes are for other ETs?
I don’t remember all of them, but I think The Drop has the most significantly modified location, and I agree with you for it to be added to the game on permanent basis

I think the sensation has a brighter than average skybox for Paris but I don’t know about anything else

If nobody from IOI read at this forum, than it brings question why whole “Wishlist” section exist?
It has any practical use for IOI? Or it is only “boulevard of broken dreams”?

There is a key difference between a wishlist section (which is what we have) and a suggestion section (which we don’t have).

Also, this isn’t an official IO-run forum either. So they’ve got no say on whether the section is there or not.


If portrait rights are an obstacle to replay, I too think that we should change all the models and redistribute them as different targets that do not resemble the real actors.
The question is whether it can be replayed, otherwise it doesn’t matter what the target looks like.

To begin with, HITMAN is a game that is enjoyed through repeated play,
IOI needs to understand that replayability is more important.
I would gladly pay for the “Elusive Targets DLC” which includes all elusive targets, if I can play them at my leisure at any time by purchasing it.


IOI has any official forum for Hitman:WOA?

They said they’re hoping to bring The Undying back as is. They gave a clear ‘no’ to The Wildcard though.


I totally agree!

The fact the mission takes place after Hitman III, we definitely need it turning into a Special Assignment so we can replay it as many times as we want. There’s too many cool changes and alterations to the map to have it limited behind an Elusive Target! :grin:


It’s the only ET i think that changes the time of day. It was probably going to be a bonus mission or something idk


I really like the lighting changes in Paris for The Sensation, it’s just a shame they used it on that ET instead of a better one like The Forger or The Broker.


Early bird gets the worm… Late birds also get this worm too thankfully!

I took this opportunity to use the Ruby Rude Tracksuit, since there’s no better time or place for it!

I took out the bodyguard with the dealer disguise, did the meeting with Alexios but failed to bring any emetics on me that I could use on him, and he left the area and it returned to normal I think (do you get a Part 2 of the meeting if you stay there as Rolf? He came back later when I was a bartender and said “I hate quitters” or something like that) and tried the Vodka opportunity instead – but he just went to a trashbin, so I reset the mission so I could get a good accident kill on him.

Poisoned him quick right after the meeting that time, kicked him into maintenance, got a fun Diana line, and escaped!
Decent ET for something we havent gotten for a looong while. Neat environment changes too.

Silent Assassin too, wahoo!


And it’s done! I mean he’s done. I find it to be a great ET, it went smoothly, maybe i’m getting better at experimenting although i’m pretty sure it was nothing compared to all of you but i really enjoyed myself doing that one. i loved how they implemanted a vip lounge and the business with Hirschmüller - he sure is a great npc for story opporunity. I should have used the story part of the mission for my official account, i did it so many times with my side accounts i just went for a simple poisoning in the end. Every single time a body is discovered i think that i blew it and won’t get SA but i do, i always do.
And like you, a special assignment would be a great addition so we can do it again and again, i know that i didn’t get all the dialogues and he sure is a great target for accidents, something that i never intend to use as a kill method for its randomness (or my inability to play smart).
It’s time IO consider this forever plea of ours.
Is the music playing specific for this mission? I don’t remember it in ‘Apex Predator’. Sounds great.


Well like everyone else, I enjoyed playing around with this ET for the past month. It’s really one of the best designed ETs in the game, with multiple viable kill methods and a balanced guard/enforcer/restricted area design. After replaying some H1 ETs in Year 3, this was such an obvious improvement across the board.

I am frankly quite annoyed with myself, because I did not press record on what ended up being my successful run. In keeping with how I’ve approached all 2023 ETs, I did this one No Loadout SA SONKO (and didn’t watch anyone else’s videos beforehand).

I had a great strategy which I practiced a few times, and when I finally went to kill the guy, I lost SA. Very frustrating, because the guard who spotted me had never spotted me before. This is the run you will see in the video below.

I disconnected, then went to kill again. This time, I forgot to record. Very annoyed at myself for that. As you can see from the video below, it’s a totally viable strategy, and you can surely imagine how I would have succeeded in pulling off No Loadout SA SONKO. Because that is what I did and you will just have to take my word for it.

(On purpose, I didn’t exit the level when doing the Codename 47 pack earlier in the month, so that its challenge would pop when completing this ET, hehehe.)


It’s post Hitman III, so the Club has undergone a full refurbishment/rebrand and the name has now changed to ‘Club Boom, replacing the name ‘Club Holle, which is what it was called in Apex Predator.

I personally think Rolf Hirschmuller rebranded the Club shortly after 47 exposed the ICA and defeated Providence :grin: