Annoying briefcase bug (?)

I know this about France due to historical reasons.
But of course this is aplicable not to the whole countries.
It’s also about people’s laziness.

I know quite well that most of the Russians don’t want to learn foreign languages (espesially English) just because they’re highly arrogant and count that everybody in the world is obliged to understand them speaking on Russian.
That’s a very silly position

We have, but very few amount of films and cinema halls that show movies in original. And very occasionally

First of all, I asked you to switch to Russian not because I am ignorant or arrogant, but because every time one wants to express themselves, it’s always easier in their native language. I am capable of having this conversation in both Russian and English. And it’s not a matter of laziness or an obligatory national mindset whatsoever.
Second of all, I am studying in a university to become a professional interpreter from English/French to Russian, so it’s not like English is my weak side or a skill not developed sufficiently enough.
Said this just to clear some air.

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Yeah, maybe you’re right.

I was not talking about you personally

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