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Trying to upload my carryover progress from Steam (pc) to Epic, i have tried multiple times to update the progress however it seems to be stuck at progress from several days ago, is there a way to resolve this and update my progress chart?

Carryover process is one-time thing and is being taken the info that was on the moment of activating it.
It can’t be cancelled or updated or repeated

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yes im aware that its a one time thing, im trying to upload it to H3 today but the progress bar is not counting my progress from yesterday, i have not confirmed any movements as it states ““You will then be able to review the HITMAN 2 progress earned on that account and confirm that you want to perform the carryover process”” why then is it that my progress is not up-to-date?

I can’t tell you that.
If you haven’t started the process yet, it might be updated over time. Tommorow for example

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Still looking for help from IO: having unlinked and relinked my account 2 of the maps have updated progress however my last completed map is still registering as 0% progress and my player lever(which is largely irrelevant) is still stuck at what it was previous to unlinking (stuck at 120)

It’s just a visual bug that many, including me have experienced. They tell you that some users can experience a visual bug with the stats, but the carryover will reflect the progress you’ve made in Hitman 2.

So if you complete a challenge in Hitman 2 today, and you want to carry over your porgress, the stats may not show that, but it will carry it over.

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