Another Death in the Family SO?

Is it possible to pull off Another Death in the Family without becoming the detective/finding clues? I thought it would be an interesting way to SASO, and I’ve tried a few times and Alexa isn’t dying. Has anyone pulled it off? I’ve tried two ways - fixing the distiller and making the poison myself and leaving it there, and just fixing the distiller for Emma.

Let me know, more curious than anything.

If I’m not forgetting any details, I did it by fixing the distiller, placing the fuse so the photographer would gather the family and after the photo Emma goes to the lab, makes the poison and kills Alexa.

I didn’t do it SO, but there’s nothing in there that requires a disguise, so it’s probably possible. Just gotta sneak in the lab and do the fuse replacement.


That’s what I did: fix distiller, did the fuse, while the photo was being taken scaled the building to get the file, then was just waiting in the bushes by the bridge exit for the family meeting to be done but then the assassination just never happened. Might have to try again and maybe wait longer :man_shrugging:t2:

Would a starting location that takes place during the meeting work? One of the SO ones. I remember doing a SASO run with one of them and emma came outside.

The number of SO methods is only limited if you’re only looking for scripted kills. Otherwise there’s many, many ways to get the job done with fibrewire/explosion/accident etc kills.

@Hichkas @thrison I know how to SASO the level, I wasn’t looking for tips on how to do that (fairly straightforward). I was crowd-sourcing specifically about getting that one idea to work, if it even does.

Anyway, yes it is possible - it just takes a very long time for her to actually have the drink. If you watch the MrFreeze2244 video for the challenge, his in-game timer shows she didn’t drink the poison until 23m19s.

Oof that’s a long time, not worth it right now. Will be something to come back to the second time through when I’m cleaning up leftover challenges. Thanks for the info.

I’ve done two of them (one with no load-out, and one without knocking anyone out) and both times I did it were the photography kill and exposed wire.

No Knock Outs

No load out and default starting location.

Start at the greenhouse, fix the poison machine thing, climb up the house using the roof shortcut, get the files, wait. Fairly easy when using the shortcut.