Another Life - First impressions


This thread is made to post your first impressions about the ‘Another Life’ mission in Whittleton Creek, USA. :fallen_leaf:

Have fun playing Another Life! :slight_smile:


It’s so American that you can smell the apple pie. Maybe you can poison apple pie.


In all seriousness it went from being my least anticipated level to one I have been the most excited for. So excited they did not strait up remake A New Life


I’d like to request that any discussion be kept spoiler free to as large an extent as possible before the 13th.
Keep away from revealing story details in particular.

I’m a Gold Edition guy myself, but we should do our best to not ruin the experience for our fellow fans.

Have fun!


Are you people playing the game early? Or is it a post launch thing to have a thread prepared?


I have the feeling this will be one of the levels with the most fan service in the franchise.



The target in this mission is @Vinnie_Sinistra


What counts as a spoiler?
Does info given out by IOI themselves also count as spoiler?

Only 6 housed in mission and other small areas. I was hoping for bigger map. This is 2nd smallest map, first being NZ


its my least anticipated Level so far, i’m getting a bit tired of American Locations in the Series.

i’m also not a big fan of “a new life“ - but what do i know.


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I mean it is bigger and has more accessible areas than A New Life. IO also said it is JUST smaller than Miami and the down load means it is just smaller than Mumbai.


Which is small level even by Blood Money’s standards.


Yep one thing I hated about A New Life (and there are a few things I hate) was having all those homes but only one house and a garage were enter-able


your info is incorrect. they said 6 main houses, and other smaller houses and areas


if this isnt in the Level, it sucks.



Enjoy, if you can.


Are you comparing map size to blood money? Blood money released in 2006, it’s 2018.


Well it was a frame of reference for the size. I was not making a direct comparison. But there a five more enterable large houses than in ANL


Even if the map is not as big as Miami or Santa Fortuna, I think that’s going to be the best level of this season 2 :slight_smile:


Do you think 6 housed mission is comparable to other maps in size in H2?