Another Life - First impressions


Well given how spread out they would be counting the outdoor areas IO said were in the level and the smaller buildings. The multiple storied houses, the trophy shows a two storey house. It is also fifity mbs less then Miami that is accounting for the fact that Miami has more NPCs and a race to calculate.


If I don’t find @Vinnie_Sinistra reference in there I am gonna be disappointed.


It’s 6 main houses and other smaller buildings


Wait first to see the size of the houses, and they said that we will get access to small houses that means that the 6 houses are big.

And we will get access to others areas


I don’t know how many of you are Americans, but an older-development suburban street with 6 decent-sized residential houses takes up a whole lot of space. Don’t forget there’s a street and yards in addition to all the structures, plus potential things like alleys, creeks, or thickets on the periphery. All quite common in suburban environments and especially so in Vermont.

It’s essentially an entire block of houses that are probably at least two stories, and there’s more than enough potential there for an extremely dense level.


Can’t wait to shoot some holes in those American flags!


There might be caps printed with slogans. “Make Liberty statutory again”.



The last picture looks a voting poll in the background


Full video


And we can see that the green car is a police car :slight_smile:


Actually I think it is a photo op and campaign station you can see a backdrop just in front of the marquee.


That is very bad design.


Why ?



The colors(this green and this blue) don’t match at all. Especially with this autumn color scheme.


In real life the colour of Vermont State police vehicles is green and blue, mostly green.


This photo doesn’t look that bad because it isn’t as blurry and doesn’t have orange color grading.


Trust me in a better resolution it will look better. I don’t think the green clashes with the orange grading and for me it is a nice detail. If it bugs you blow the car up black does pair with orange better.:smiling_imp:


Also look at the suburb in the background matches up with the level perfectly also good for judging size.


You are kinda annyoing in your constant negativity towards everything concerning the new game.