Another Life - First impressions


If they ever introduce female guards, it would be for a future co-op mode where you play as the two characters from Sniper Assassin.


SMFH, I need to take a break.


It is though (Vote Blake 2020)


Go play it.

If you disagree, that’s your opinion :wink:


turns out shooting a flag will make the flag move a little bit. maybe Quinn is happy about this :^))


also turns out the mailman actually “throws” newspapers. i haven’t actually followed him around. it’s cool that he actually physically throws them


So Whittelton Creek aka A New Life 2.0. Let’s talk about the obvious thing first: Yes the map is very small, but that’s fine by me because it’s still packed with stuff and opportunities. Unlike in A New Life you can actually enter other houses besides the one(s) occupied by the target(s) and there’s a lot of stuff to discover. While size of the map is no issue for meI would’ve like a few additional buildings like a small church or an (empty) kinder garden instead of just family homes.

I also feel there are too many pointless disguises. What’s the point of the sheriff disguises or the two head bodyguards? Feels a bit like they wanted to fulfil the mandatory disguises quote instead of thinking about ways to create useful disguises.

Overall Janus is probably my favorite target so far. Kinda like that guy. I also like the grill party and felt kind of bad for running their fun by drowning someone in their toilet. They are such nice people.

Defiantly not as good as Mumbai, Santa Fortuna or Miami but still a good map.


Pretty solid map though I don’t like it as much as I thought I would, was thinking it was going to be my favourite.

Feels like it could do with a little something, I understand they use the squared type roads and really flat areas of land IRL but doesn’t make the layout very interesting. Still, it’s not bad on first impression, the theme is nice and I find myself playing it a fair amount- some cool opportunities so far


I will only refer to the main target as ‘Hugh’. & So should you.


So I just finished the mission about 5 minutes and I was blown away by how awesome it was!

Having avoided most of the information pre release I had only seen snippets of the level but I knew that it had potential to be as good as A New Life but god damn it’s so much more awesome than that.

I’d always held Curtains Down as my favourite ever Hitman mission but this comes very very close.

I’m already hyped to play it again and can only imagine how good the elusive targets will be in that environment!

@Travis_IOI great work Travis and the rest of the team! :+1:


Just got through this mission and holy shit, i love it so much. All the weird characters and their dialogues :black_heart:. First hour and a half, i was just walking around, listening to everyone, trying to figure out, what they’re up to under that sweet neighbourly goofy facade and i had so much fun with it. And then, when i got into Janus’ house, that sudden change of music… great subtle transition from sweet goofy parody into the heavy sadness of a man, who got all the power in his days, but now, he’s here, old, shriveled and in diapers. Anyway… yeah… just adore it.

Also, did anyone figure out, what’s up with the muffin man in the Wilson’s house, like, why is he acting the way he is? I feel like there has to be a dialogue line about it, but i coudn’t find anything.


Apparently the plumbing in the Schmidt house is laid out in the exact shape of the Palais de Walewska in Paris. What a coincidence!


I want to kill someone with those wind turbines.



Huh… I guess the grass is lava then


Where am I supposed to share my assassination videos on this forum?

Ah, I’ll just post this here for now

This isn’t my “first impressions” but i’m just now experimenting with the map more and more, and I found this cool trick.

Just take the extinguisher from Nolan’s garage, place it there, and shoot it at the right moment.

I tried to perfect this like 20 times because the guard on the left of the bush kept spotting me … also, I kept retrying for a headshot, and I have NO idea how I got a headshot in that clip, looked like I was shooting the shoulder :rofl:

Taking out a target, pacifying two guards and destroying a camera in one shot, not bad :grinning:


This map and mission feels like it plays on that fantasy children have that the next door neighbor are really spies, or that old man who lives down the block has a dark secret.

There’s lots of interesting things going on with the Exterminator, the Construction Workers…

I really liked it. I like it much better than “A New Life”, of which this map clearly is a spiritual successor.

The insertion of additional stories of intrigue like Helen West and her possible double-life as either a psychotic killer, KGB assassin, or both is interesting.

It’s a map that plays very well with the variance of moods between the happy innocent exteriors and some of the dark secretive interiors.


This was a fun mission and a good map. Looking forward to going back and exploring more of it. I feel like I would have appreciated a different approach to Janus. The concept is great and he’s one of my favorite targets in the game, but I would have liked to see him indeed as an old guy living under the radar. The fact that he has his own dedicated staff of bodyguards conspicuously hanging out in his yard, calling him “Janus” in their dialogue, kind of spoiled the aesthetics for me.

The concept of Janus (which again, I liked a lot) might have been better served with a slightly different type of gameplay. Maybe Janus actually lives alone behind a bunch of security cameras and electronic locks, and those are the main obstacles to getting to him in his home? Maybe he doesn’t have a security detail but he’s always either behind his locked doors or socializing in the neighborhood in full view of civilian witnesses? I don’t know; it was a bit disappointing to see the same old gameplay mechanics applied to such a unique and interesting target.

In a broader sense, I kind of feel like IOI is dropping the ball on target variety. Think about Hitman 2: Silent Assassin and how much fans at the time loved the Malaysian missions with the Sidjan brothers as targets. “‘Basement Killing” and “The Jacuzzi Job” had two similar (and stationary) targets that felt very different because of how the player was forced to approach them. One was alone in a basement and the challenge was in getting past several layers of building security to find him (then dodging the potato chip minefield in his lair). The other was in a tiny apartment with minimal security but almost always accompanied by witnesses. Two different targets, two wholly different strategies.

Today both of those targets would walk around in a loop, interacting with things and people specifically designed to present assassination opportunities via “mission stories,” and they’d have a fun-police bodyguard shadowing them almost all the time. The targets in this generation of HITMAN are often distinct in terms of character— why shouldn’t they be more distinct in terms of gameplay?


One word: replayability


Soders played with that at the end of the last season. So did many of the Elusive Targets, like the Chameleon and the Bad Boy and the Sensation and the Food Taster. They are some of the least popular ETs precisely because of how stationary they are. The Black Hat was one of the more interesting and well-received stationary ETs.

Stationary targets can’t be repeated too often. It’s hard to make them interesting. A potato chip minefield would no longer fly. This season, Sierra Knox and Wazir Kale are mechanically different sorts of targets, so I think they’re still finding some interesting variety.

In terms of Janus though… I also expected Janus to be less mobile. It’s fine that he’s not. But I do think it sucks that everyone calls him Janus. It makes no sense that his neighbors would use his old code name. There are lots of character problems with Janus, I think… but I don’t really mind his mechanics or gameplay.


I think that Janus still being called Janus speaks volumes about his character. After all this time he still wants to hold up his legacy. I like details like with the targets.

I also liked how IO played with stationary targets with Soders. There were so many memorable ways to kill him and he does not move a centimetre.