Another Life - First impressions


His Mailbox has written Janus on it, too. Hes like James Bond, who always says his realname.


What if Janus IS Janus’ real name?:exploding_head:


Because good gameplay and replayability is far more important than being “distinctive”.

Because that is extremely boring with 0 challenge.

So a Sensation number 2? No thanks

Both are extremely restrictive offering little options. Basement Killing has what, 2 or 3? You either go as the pizza delivery guy or as the fire marshall guy after you used the smoke bomb. Such variety, such replayability. Jacuzzi Job is slightly better, but still lacks enormous amount of options, too small and linear.

Yes today these missions would be far superior, i agree.

Because the gameplay in season 1 and 2 is at the peak of the series. Why revert to much inferior gameplay? Does not make sense.


Alright, guys, messily finished Chasing A Ghost, I’m back to desperately beg for help in the next mission, Another Life. What are these stupid clues?

Anyway, found a way to take out the most unnecessary target in the game in my trademark “fuck it” fashion. Start in the default location with an explosive, run into Cassidy’s garage and through the unlocked door, toss the explosive into the room and BLOW THAT MOTHERFUCKER SKY FUCKING HIGH!

Seriously though, is there any need to add Nolan Cassidy in this mission? He’s dull, not even being disguisable and/or armed, and could easily be written out of the story like Ken Morgan.


Well I like Nolan since it creates a narrative bridge between the games, he is a polar opposite of Janus and he has a better route than Ken Morgan and better opportunities.


You know any easy clues that I can pick up?


The Batty’s lawsuit is easy, the cigar box is easy once you know where to dig, the diary is easy (Guard on the creek side wait for the opening) Janus’ Arkian robes, the photo of the first meeting, the gramophone and the microfilm are all easy for me.


Ok. Thanks, mate. I’ll try it tomorrow.

EDIT: Extended my playing time a bit; collected the letter, the lawsuit documents and the buried cigar box. Blew Cassidy up with a ducky, shot Janus in the head. I’ll aim for SA on The Ark Society, which I haven’t gotten since The Finish Line.

Quick question: if we framed Janus as the traitor, why does the Ark Society bury him with honors, including the Constant? Wouldn’t they just toss the (not-)traitor’s corpse into the sea?


I don’t need a primer on why Jacuzzi Job isn’t as replayable as Whittleton Creek. I’m obviously not trying to say the missions should literally be like Basement Killing with two solutions. All I’m saying is that having the same obstacles and strategies for every target is getting boring for me and I want something new from time to time. And you know what? If we have to trade a bit of precious “replayability” for missions that are a bit more memorable and have more distinct characters, I’m willing to make that trade to a point. After all, you could put Janus alone in his house, glued to a chair with no security at all, and there would still be replayability in the challenges, in Contracts, in Ghost Mode, and with regard to the entirely separate second target who largely has similar behavior and obstacles as Janus. Not to mention the elusive contracts, the players who are going to spend many hours trying to open the goddamn vault, and yes, even speedruns. I really don’t see how doing something new with one of the two targets would hurt the mission or take anything away from anybody.

Soders is a good example and one I’ve forgotten about. I’ve never heard anyone bitch about how Hokkaido isn’t “replayable” even though the target is confined to a bed in a high-security area, and I’m not even asking for that amount of constraint.


Because the Ark Society isn’t part of Providence.It’s leaders are, but the others are just a bunch of rich people prepping for the end of the world and wearing fancy robes. To them Janus was “only” their founder and great guy.

As for the Constant, he states that he doesn’t believe that Janus was a traitor. And even if he was, the man was his mentor and friend. Traitor or not, he’s not just throwing his corpse in the ocean.


Thank you for the explanation.


Really wish this map had more suit starting locations, such as in front of Janus’s house or a park bench. The suit is so good I don’t want to use the others.

I feel like they could of easily made this map 20 mastery.


5 more MK2 unlocks :^)


They could have given us that sweet rake, or one of the silenced weapons in the level. Why’d it have to be a duck. It could have been a taser/electrical duck but nope duck with sticker.


He’s a lot better once you get to know him. He can be the life of the party! Right off the bat, Nolan can be gifted with an electrified personality. :wink:


Jeez that Nolan based pun really bugged me.:wink:


Uh…worth a shot.


I like Nolan in this mission, there are some really fun opportunities with him.


After dealing with the heavily protected Maelstrom it was refreshing to deal with a target who was so willing to show himself and had a lot of lines.

I almost nearly didn’t want to kill him in the vault.
Almost. :wink:


I am not, don´t care about that stuff in the slightest.

It takes away options. Stationary is bad hmkay.

Hokkaido is good because of the level design, the actual targets are shit. So while Hokkaido itself is great, Situs Inversus is shit.