Another Life - First impressions


Yes well unfortunately there are others whose opinions align with @Agent_17. If the characters are non-existant and the level is not distinct or detailed then why bother. You get no replayability if the only thing to discover are kill opportunities especially since challenges exist.

No it doesn’t Soders has more kill opportunities than Yamazaki and all he does is lie there on a gurney.

That is also subjective, I like Yamazaki since she has a visual characterization that is unique to Hitman targets blending professional and criminal, I like her backstory since it ties into the games themes of repercussions and consequences. I mean she is a better character than the last lawyer that was in the game Ken Morgan.

Soders is suitably pathetic, time has run it course and Soders was outclasses by his own worst enemy himself all that made Soders the best has been stripped away. He has some of the coldest and brutal kills in the series.


yeah but they don’t feel different enough from each other. most of the kill methods are very very similar and so I wouldn’t really count them as alternate kills, kind of like I wouldn’t count smothering/shooting Caruso during the therapy as two different kills


Really there is the poisoning one of the first in the series to have unique animations, the heart kill which is the first time we have killed a target without kill one, the malpractice kill which is the only one that overlaps with another, sabotaging KAI’s spider arms, electrocuting him with the defibrillator, revealing yourself to him, implanting the explosive rubber duck and just plain old shooting him in the head


yes and placing the stem cells yourself, electrocuting him, killing him with the arms and killing him as the head surgeon are all basically the same


No they are not, how are they the same? That is like saying a fruit salad, Caesar salad, Greek salad and a potato salad are the same. They are the same general idea but the executions and reactions to each are different.


So when he states he is willing to sacrifice replayability its fine, but when i state that im not willing to do that, you come talking about how others feel the same as him? Dont see you replying to him that others feel the same as me.

Wrong, you get a lot of replayability.

All of soders kills are confined to the hospital part (except the demoblock from the garden), and they are all pretty much the same shit. Yuki is far more divers. And yes, it does take away options, fact.

Characterization and backstory, okay then. Fact still remains that their routes and options are bad. Gameplay baby.

Both targets are shit. Hokkaido shines in level design and contracts. Main mission not so much.


Yeah I could have respond to each individual section one at a time but I value my time so I will try to keep this succinct: gameplay is not the sole factor in a video game for me. For me a game with no story or at least themes is just a waste of time. The story does not have to be something all encompassing it can be like Limbo or Journey. But for me if the only thing to do in a game is score points or jump around I will just go nah and find something else to play. I think there is plenty off opportunities to kill in Hokkaido for both targets


You seem to put in a lot of time commenting everywhere on this forum with long posts (which i appreciate, dont take it the wrong way, keep it up) and always very detailed.

The fact that in this reply you completely ignore the points about soders for example speaks volumes.


Well what do you want a thesis? Most of my life right now is writing big blocks of writing for people I barely know. I have my own points and reasons as to why I love Soders as a target and I have stated them above, they are just as valid as yours, Soders has a thematic bridge, has a presence without moving or talking, shows the might of Providence and I think he has plenty of different opportunities to be killed since each way of producing the means to kill him is different or is something we rarely see in Hitman.

Thanks, means a lot!:grinning:


From you? Almost yeah, kinda

It’s obvious that you are an intelligent guy, and your posts are always long, thought out and very detailed. The fact that your last post wasn’t just raised an eyebrow, that is all.

They are all confined to the hostital part. He can’t be manipulated, there are no triggers. This makes it a weak target from a gameplay perspective. And Yuki ain’t great either.

But the map shines in level design and contracts.


Well on that we can agree on. Was a good while since we had a good clinic/hospital level, or at least one I liked.


I kinda want to see them take another shot at a casino level. Yes it has been done already, i know. But the premis and location just suits hitman so well. A casino with an hotel above it would be great, especially with the map size and details from the new hitman games.


Ah yes I would like to as well. Maybe not a Vegas casino. Maybe Macau or Monaco? If they were going to go the Vegas route I want a stage show to be included and a poolside cabana.


I was actually thinking of Monaco, would be great. Place is beautiful


Dunno I dislike locations like hotels, they have too many repeating structures. That’s why in Bangkok not even every room is accessible. Because it would be boring. Or why Hokkaido has just one (as a number: 1) hospital bed. Because hundrets of them would be hundret times of boring.


I would prefer Macau to be honest. We have seen to much of French architecture for a while and it would be nice to go back to China. Also I side with Urben lets shelve the hotels for a while, a casino with a stage and underground level


It would be a luxorious casino hotel. So you would have the casino on the ground floor, basement level under it, and then 2 big floors above the casino suited for guests. With proper level (so lots of verticality, stairs, connected rooms etc) this could be great.


Can’t really compare Paris with Monaco. Just as you cant compare Florida to New York. Just because its in the same country doesnt mean its the same.

Anyway, i dont care about which country whatsoever, as long as the level design is great.


I agree but not fully. Bangkok is actually a perfect example of this not being an issue since the hotel itself is two mirrored structures which are quite different from each other. Also, Absolution’s Terminus level was one of the best in the game. Repeating structures could vary in the way they are filled with NPCs, places to hide and general room layouts etc.


True there are differences between the two but but Monaco is a French principality and has been for a very long time so many of the architecture is the same especially since the casinos of Monaco are Old World style like the Opera House and Waleweska.

I would much rather go back to China since it has just been a while. It could be a neon drenched and rainy level near a supercasino. Have a stage show and a conference area for business or military.