Another Life - First impressions


Fair enough. Anyway im gonna stream some el hitmano. come say hi


Oh I liked that one wing had a bar area in Bangkok. But the room areas were really the same without variation. They not even had items in them, except a poison vial and maybe minor stuff.
Not reminding what the Absolution level was in map detail though, did not play it often enough.


I’ve played through the mission twice so far. My first impressions:


  • Individuality of the NPCs. There are very few double models, which increases the sense of realism.

  • Music.

  • Mini-stories (Helen the Muffin Baker, the law-suit, the mysterious death, the secret tunnel in the basement, the vault, the guy talking to birds, the guy crazy about frogs, the politician, …)

  • In general the attention to detail. I loved for instance how many civilian NPCs carry guns!

  • The security check routine where 47 doesn’t just breeze through the level by getting the right disguise and actually encounters a guard who wants to do a thorough check. That was quite surprising and novel.

  • The nurse outfit, and killing Janus with it as he was talking about Ort-Meyer. I found it striking to kill him in an outfit reminiscent of the Asylum orderly outfit, the first disguise 47 ever used. This was probably unintentional but I loved it all the same.

  • Janus characterisation as a cranky old man. Also his voice actor. I love his stabs to Lafayette.

  • Accessibility. The low fences ensure 47 can make a lot of beelines throughout the map, reach all the different exits easily. Plenty of shrubbery to hide enough, plenty of shacks to hide bodies in. This suburban area feels like how it should: a playground for 47, who reigns supreme in this kind of low-security environment.


  • Bugs: There are really too many bugs left in this level to the point its very immersion breaking. Only two playthroughs in, but it already feels as if this level has got the most bugs in it. It really needs a lot of work. I think it’s because of the sheer amount of scripts that take place there, but I’ve encountered critical conversations looping eternally without going to the next stage that would offer 47 an opportunity, fire hydrants not working as they should. 47 even blew up once when Nolan’s bodyguard found his dead body in the vault. When I tried to prevent him from finding the body (and me blowing up) by dragging Nolan to a closet, his bodyguard saw me through at least 3 walls and 1 ceiling.
    The segment where you show Nolan around the house is nice, but what was also weird (and immersion breaking) was how after visiting the cellar and seeing the laser-cage, he went back up again. Why? Who knows? He then proceeded to wait on the porch. I went to get him, and then he went into the vault again adfter sending his bodyguard up and giving m the chance to blow him up. But that going back up again bit really made no sense to me.

  • Too easy. While earlier I said it was a good thing that this felt like a playground to 47, this shouldn’t have extended to the targets. Janus felt way too vulnerable, especially to poison. Given such glaring vulnerability, it’s also more difficult to get motivated to pursue other, more complicated methods of killing such as aligning him and Nolan for a one-shot sniper kill (which I heard is a thing).

  • Treasure hunt: the evidence collecting is a chore. This goes as a general observation to HITMAN 2 actually: I feel there’s too much of “47 needing to collect stuff” going on, be it looking for a set of papers in the sprawling city of Mumbai or finding 30 tokens in the isle of Sgail. I feel it’s a cheap way to prolong gametime, not at all in keeping with this game’s tradiitonal assassination centered gameplay.

  • Diana talks way way too much.

  • The trenchcoats on Nolan’s bodyguards need more weight and a darker colour. They look like flimsy labcoats, it’s just weird.

  • This mission made it click for me: Hitman is turning more and more into an adventure game, and while I’m a big fan of the oldschool point and clicks, “talknig to NPCs”, “picking up items” and “using items in the right place” is not something I’m looking for in Hitman. But it’s become increasingly present due to the mission stories, and all the item and NPC prompt that are required to play them out.


This disagreement was long since buried, no point bringing it up again really.


Deleted there, my bad.


Ooook so I played this level some time again and i’ve Discovered some new creepy stuff, sorry if you all already knew this however I think that this for someone is really obvious but i discovered this today… Helen the creepy brain muffin maker actually killed frank Schmidt (the owner of the house with the murder room) in fact she talks about the last guy have some sort of allergies and that was fun (and guess what when you approach the room in his house is confirmed to have some allergies) then she talk about some reaction for their muffin and the next subject is the plumber… so she has actually cooked and made muffin with schmidt… she really deserve to finish in her oven.


listen to the conversation she has with janus after his appointment with the nurse


I played it for the 2nd time yesterday. I could’ve sworn they said the microfilm was buried in the frog habitat, AND I finally found the spot to dig (well, after watching a video on it :angry: ). I just had to be in the exact spot to get the prompt (and here I was thinking it was a bug nothing was showing up in Instinct, or that it was closer to the little houses).

As for the secret… I think I have an idea of what to do. But that might depend on who done the deed.

By the end of that 2nd playthrough (I spend well over an hour looking around, etc.) I thought I’d try to get a few more disguises, I went to the corner where they’re doing construction and have 3 cops guarding it. I got caught punching the construction worker (thank you punch glitch), then went into combat, then picked up the explosive, tried to toss it over the police car, but hit the police car, and died. Thankfully I had a recent autosave.


I have a bit of a random question. In Whittleton Creek, 3 of the 8 houses aren’t really enterable. One is the construction site with just the attic, another is the house with just a basement, and the last one is the house being fumigated.

However, one thing I noticed is that on the map, the contstruction house and the basement house are greyed out, as they don’t have interiors. However, the fumigated house still has a floor plan. So, I’m wondering if anyone who knows about this kind of thing, does the fumigated house actually have an interior, just blocked by the fumigation shields?


Just check with free Ansel, they don’t have interiors.


Do you mean period? Because if there are no objects it is because you are supposed to remove items from a fumigated house


I mean, is there literally anything there? Like floors, rooms, an attic etc. However @Urben has the answer as it seems there isn’t.

I must admit, I personally think Whittleton Creek is the most likely map to get a bonus mission, and I’d love for that bonus mission to have all 8 houses have interiors to them.


Not sure I understand you correctly, but there is absolute no kind of interior. No rooms, walls or something. It is not mapped.


OK that is what I wanted to know.


Played ‘Another Life’ for the first time the other day and from one level designer to the others that were on this level I want to say Congratulations on really doing something very different, unique and fun with this concept. The space has lots of great symmetry and is really easy to keep track of all the distinct areas. What could have easily felt like a big flat square instead feels like each lot, including the parks and construction site, feel like little levels that all have their own one or two ideas and use the Swiss Cheese idea to have spots to hop a fence or sneak in to a backyard via a frog sanctuary. Lastly I really like being able to see over the fences, via the third person camera, because they are set at such a height that you always feel voyeuristic and that you can plan and vault over or a careful coin toss. Again, great job!

As for everything else I thought it captured small town suburbia well… especially everyone being in each other’s business! I think the music was a welcome change of pace from the bombast of some other levels. The writing was entertaining and a bit silly, which I really love in this and the last game. The mission objectives were interesting and I liked the targets well enough. Hard to judge the targets since I didn’t engage them in a mission story sense.

I played the level by just walking around, listening to people, watching stuff unfold and it wasn’t until I had found 2 of the 3 clues with both targets still alive I realized that I still hadn’t taken off my “SUIT”
Figured I would see where things went and kept stalking around. Soon after I found my 3rd clue and knew I had to go all in. Found out where Janus lived. Climbed up to the 2nd floor window and systematically. Knocked out everyone around him. Got some emetic poison set up and fiber wired him at the toilet.
I was so close but Cassidy seemed a bit more intimidating. Decided to go through the backyard and follow the same strategy. Every time he went on his walk I’d clear out more guards until finally a bullet to the skull when he stepped in to the kitchen. Felt amazing to then walk to the bus stop and ride the public bus out of town.
My first ever Silent Assassin, Suit Only (Professional) on a first time run on a level. That felt really great!


Felt like a bigger and, in some ways, better version of A New Life. I liked the targets, I liked the story behind the mission, I liked the area and almost every thing about it was amazing. Including the, weapons available…

No but on a serious note, this was an amazing mission. Pretty much every aspect was done perfectly and I really enjoyed playing. The only thing I didn’t like was searching for clues: I feel like it was a waste of mission stories since you had to follow dialogue someone has said and the objectives tells you what to do already. Maybe thats just me, but that doesn’t stop it being from an amazing mission.

Not much else to say really, its just overall great.


After you let the whole song in the reherasing basement play one time, smoke will appear and a beak axe will appear on the ground, you will get a beak axe and this happens when the song plays for the second time

Also when killing people with the beak axe, a beak noise appears


thats a mumbai weapon, but its still cool it’s in whittleton :>


Does anyone know if the car bomb in the secret passage in Janus’ basement is tied to a special kill? Or is it just there as a regular bomb with just a different name?


I think its a regular bomb.