Another Life - First impressions


Car bombs are identical to remote explosives.


This is actually my favorite map in H2. I just wish the map was larger. You can run around the map for 5 mins and you will probably see the majority of the map. I would’ve loved to see more houses with more NPCs.


Actually I love the ‘small’ feeling of the map. It feels like a small suburb where you get familiar with everyone. I am mainly annoyed with the clues and only having 15 mastery when there are even items from s1 that isnt in H2 yet


This map is conflicting for me.

I want to love it, and the opportunities to do things like put a muffin down, or pour Janus tea, etc are so good and should be included more.

But I’m just not a fan of the map. It feels like so much potential was wasted. In addition to Whittleton you could have had a small shopping street, the church, the NPCs doing stuff in their houses instead of all being around the Wilson’s. The forest could have been expanded upon, etc. It just feels like there was so much more they could have done with the level.


Having gotten to use the hamburger (or cheeseburger? :thinking: ) in Isle of Sgail, there should be at least one of these in the BBQ / Neighborhood cookout / Party. It kills.

Or maybe that’s what should have been in the vault. :joy:


I finished this level yesterday. I absolutely adore this map and imho this is by far the prettiest looking level in the history of the franchise. The atmosphere is brilliant and the soothing music that plays when you’re running past the wide roads, covered with red leaves is just wonderfully immersive.

Janus is an excellent target. Love the way he is written, his theme and this might be the first time where I really felt a personal sense of revenge against a target which made killing him that much more gratifying.

God, there is so much to love about this level and I only finished it once! Its not that small tho and it feels like 75-80% the size oh Hokkaido. Only gripe I got is it teases you with many locked houses! :sob:


i know it doesn’t help, but fun fact: all of the houses have mailboxes with the resident’s name on it. all the residents are actually NPCs on the map