Another Life - First impressions


Also look at the suburb in the background matches up with the level perfectly also good for judging size.


You are kinda annyoing in your constant negativity towards everything concerning the new game.


Who is the character you mentioned? Is it someone from an earlier game?

(evasive language 'cause my phone won’t let me blur text).


You’re in for a nasty surprise if you think that is “constant negativity” - You ain’t seen nothing yet


So I see the name in the background campaign site and it clicked: Blake Cassidy


Or Cassidy Blake ( 20


Either or but Blake Cassidy flows much better and sounds better. It might not even be either, it could be that election or HOA stuff is a side event removed somewhat from the level’s story.


So we are killing a presidential/senator candidate and a ex-KGB spy/officer person?


Possibly, the SC wants a person inside congress, the house, senate and is manipulating Janus to get Blake in the roll. Or Janus is coordinating SC spy ring and uses Blake to maintain a WPP for Janus in America the last place anyone would look. Or finally we have a level where the two targets are completely unrelated to each other and it is a freak coincidence.


How is a color ’ really bad design ’

Should’ve stuck to boring old black and white I guess that wouldve been a ‘really good design’.

I mean I could understand if it was pink and had eyelashes where the headlights belonged and instead of blue and red lights it shot out confetti and sang kids bop instead of a siren…that might be a really bad design.


Or Blake could just be running for mayor of wherever Whittleton Creek is


Yep that was my third option I added. Complete freak of luck, the two targets are unrelated. Wrong places and wrong times but the right prices.

Then he would be running for mayor of Whittleton Creek since that is most likely the town’s name not the sub-development’s.


Or maybe Blake isn’t Cassidy at all


If the music is like the one they put in promo materials, then I’m moist already.


I said that as well they might not be the same person. But on a different post.


The orchestral from the Untouchable trailer was confirmed in an IO sanctioned AMA to appear in game.


Kind of a toxic environment then.


The worst was Absolution in 2012. Granted, some of the criticism was deserved but the level of mudslinging, personal attacks and entitled outrage was just depressing.



20 characterss


Well, it would’ve been. Blue would have also been better. It’s just my opinion.