Another Life - First impressions


Shame I hate the game with a passion but not enough hate would get me to attack IO personally.

“They were only trying to make the game they wanted to make, they spent some much time thinking they could they never stopped to think if they should”-Sexy, Preachy Jeff Goldblum 1993




When I saw the “one week left” trailer they released today and saw the footage it just screams A New Life :heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

This could be a gem. Fingers crossed!


So @GTAJJ what about Whittleton Creek tell me that this is a great level


A New Life 2.0 :slight_smile:

Makes sense with the title


Well, just finished the game for the first time (one playthrough per mission), and this mission is stunning with amazing atmosphere, and looks very promising for replay,except for one little factor that I suspect will be super annoying, and kill it for me.
There’s a non-target objective that isn’t optional (as far as I can see), and also strikes me as the type of objective that you’ll always play the same way. I hope I’m wrong and there are some short cuts to the objective… we’ll see. I would’ve much preferred it to become optional after the first playthrough though.

Edit: Upon experimentation it isn’t as bad as I initially though. you’re supposed to find 3 clues, and it seems like there’s more than that, so you can at least vary what clues you look up


That’s better than the real thing actually. Story spoiler regarding one of the targets: I assume I’m to use censors in this thread. Janus seemed like an interesting character, more so than the others. The KGB defector and Cold War legend living in a sleepy suburb was a nice juxtaposition, then he was a Providence operative (the Constant, no less), the current Constant’s mentor, and founder of the ultra-exclusive Ark Society? Beat that, Sierra Knox.


Great map, great atmosphere but this non-target objective is really annoying for replayability.

They definitely should have made it optional after the first playthrough completed


I have found that there’s loads of clues to find, some easier/faster than others though. There’s a challenge for finding all clues that I haven’t unlocked yet, so there’s even more.
…So it’s not that bad. Agreed that it should’ve been optional after the first playthrough though.

This map is probably my new Sapienza at the moment. I can’t stop playing it. I’m a bit confused as to why the mastery track stops at 15 though (only thing I can think of is that they ran out of time/ideas for unlocks), I reached that a long time ago, and I still have tons to explore. Just recently discovered the secret tunnel into Janus’s house.


Wasn’t the microfilm in the original A New Life forced, too?


yeah, it was. :slight_smile:


Yes but it is better because the clues are more involved and better developed…


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