Another Life - First impressions


Quit LARPing guys. It’s only a video game.


I’m aware of that fact, the other guy isn’t since he wants to shoot me in the head for messing with a digital flag :grin:


and posted a pulp fiction video no less! this guy is badass


0/10, game ruined, pre order cancelled


I have nothing against quinn, have nothing personal against him, I don’t even know him.

However, he wants to shoot my country’s flag. That is what I had a problem with. That’s all.


So what? It is even legal in country.


It’s a little weird for you to take such glee in doing that.


Well it depends on the country I mean the list of countries that wanna pick bones with the US is not short. It includes an entire subcontinent.


Dude! You said you wanted to shoot me in the head for shooting a flag in a video game.

Probably, but we take glee from doing all sorts of horrible things in video games.




Can’t wait to shoot some holes in those American flags!

Here is your post, where does it say Video games.

You say you want to shoot holes in to those American Flags.


The flags shown in the first screenshot in the thread, mate.


It is posted on a videogame forum. In the thread dedicated to a level in a videogame. Under the post with a screenshot showing murican flags.


That is where we go our different ways and not how I read it.


Yeah but usually it’s something decidedly “not real”, like Silvio Caruso isn’t real. But eh to relate something with real life like that is a bit …columbine-y?


Well, I wouldn’t do it in real life because I hate guns.

This is a strange moral threshold though - The American Flag hanging in the level is just as fictional as the man you strangle to death and put in a cupboard. I don’t see what’s so worrying.


It’s not really a moral threshold, im just interested in the psychology.


There, that is what I been looking for. Your good to go quinn in my book and I retract any ill will


And thus ends the strangest internet argument you will read today. :slight_smile:


Lets go have a Royal with cheese


sigh Found the neighbourhood murder house