Another Life - First impressions


Talk about childish, lol.


Some people just have no selfreflexivity


35 seconds till I can give any likes so I’ll reply.

That’s true.


Microfilm in A New Life just involved knocking out or killing an NPC. It was basically a second target. The stuff in Another Life is not comparable, just items laying around. How many ways are there to walk into a room and pick stuff up? Who honestly wants to replay those parts of this mission? It’s Charlie work to be done once you do the things which are fun, come on.


You are deluded. Do you know how much effort it can be to get the items in Another Life? Damn harder than sitting on my thumbs waiting for the cabana boy to go to the pool shed then jumping him. Stuff like the VHS tape, the microfilm or the lawsuit are way more involved.


You’re missing the point. It being harder makes it even more of a chore.


Man I didn’t expect to open this thread and see a dumbfuck so dumb that he threatened a forum member because said member wanted to shoot a flag in a videogame.


He literally created that account 40 minutes ago just so he could do it. I mean, I’m not Quinn’s biggest fan, but there’s a rational limit.


But they are not hard just more involved. A sliding ladder has more than step ladder but climbing them is the same difficulty.


Notice the difference between us. I explain my position, you call me deluded and imply I don’t like a challenge. Bleh. Shame there’s no block option on this forum is all I can say.


Oh I was just ribbing you maybe I did not explain myself clear enough.

Hypocrite, you call me out for being rude but then express a desire to ignore me without gaining further insight to the situation at hand and ignoring any and all arguments I made after the declarative statement

I’m sorry you felt that way again not my intention, Sorry if I offended you.


It’s not rude to want to block someone you believe insulted you.


True but he could have at least asked if my comments were in fact spurious or not. I apologise if it has turned out wrong it was not my intent to insult him.


Damn that’s the second time I missed someone called “Shut up Quinn” registering to insult me. I always miss the good shit


Damn, the water is a big upgrade from season 1. I myself love the sea, hate the sunset, hate the plains, love the mountains


I saw a comment in Gamestop’s play through call Whittleton Creek a “lame ripoff of A New Life”. It is nothing like A New Life.


Two big items and one that can be put away at once. Holy hecc


How can you rip off your own level is what I wonder.


I love this level, and I find it kind of overwhelming. It hints at all sorts of little stories and neighborhood secrets that I haven’t yet followed up on.

But it’s really the music that makes it for me. I love the light and kids-boppy suburban version of a Hitman soundtrack.


HAH! Requiem!