Another Life - First impressions


Wrong mission that is The Ark Society not Another Life.


Uhhh… context? scrolls up
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Yeah, i clicked on Hitman 2 First Impressions and it sent me here. Steam browser is buggy, and it might show something else than what is on the screen


Hard to explain. Like it shows something is at point X, when it really is at point below. Its something with the scrolling, idk


Awkward af

20 Characters


I play it currently for the first time and walking along the sidewalks. Please tell me there is a challenge for doing the mission without ever touching the grass. Because that is what I do. :joy:


Oh man that would be a good one. There is an amazing amount of challenges for stupid simple stuff to do. I love it. Like delivering mail haha.


Interestingly enough you are playing it like the NPCs. The characters in the level consider it more expensive to walk across grass which makes them follow sidewalks and pavement without us having to manually set up routes. Quite useful :slight_smile:

There are probably a bunch of ways this can be used for gameplay I assume :slight_smile:

And thanks for playing. Really excited to see all of your reactions, just slightly busy being on vacation atm :smiley:


Enjoy your vacation! You deserve it!!!


Small spoiler question about a possible ridle on the map:

Has anyone found a way to open the safe? I tried explosives, but it didn’t worked. Idk if it’s even possible to open it.


It is possible! :slight_smile:


I gotta say I love the fact that you’re on vacation and still finding the time to come hang out here haha.


By the way, it’s very cool that there are so many secret passages and rooms again, I really missed that. Especially those that are not so easy to open :smile:


The bust riddle? Tried alot but couldn’t get that one so far.


Ayy, i can run in the lethal fumes as an exterminator!


* Pick up all the four bustes, then place the dark ones on the white plates, and the white ones on the black plates. This trigger the opening of the secret door behind the Janus picture. At last it worked to me until yesterday.

Hope this will help.


I don’t know if it is just me, I think this level is better than 50% of the Season 1 maps, but only tops NZ and Colombia in my opinion. I know a lot of people rave it, and I really like the mission but I don’t think it holds as much complexity as Miami/Mumbai/North Sea.

Finding the clues is starting to become a bit tedious for me, and I think Cassidy is probably the weakest target in Season 2 (in my opinion, I know others will disagree - his slow walking and minor route annoys me). Also is there any reason to use the politician disguise, Cassidy mentions he will meet up with the politician but I tried for 25 minutes unable to trigger anything


Thanks for playing!
Have you tried to pick up different clues than the ones highlighted in the Breadcrumbs opportunity? That should spice things up :slight_smile: also remember that you can find clues in any order.

Regarding Cassidy meeting the politician - they will only meet if Cassidy stops by Blake’s tent while Blake is there. If Blake is doing his tour then Cassidy will have to wait until he returns to his tent before they can have a meeting. Mr. Blake is a busy guy (or atleast he wants people to think so).


It’s so cool to hear such details described by a developer themself. Thank you.


Thanks so much for the response, I’ll give that a go. I’ve only played this mission a few times so I’ll definitely need to play it more before I come to a conclusion. It’s a fantastic level regardless, and one I will probably have the most fun playing in Contracts mode.