Another Life - First impressions


I have to say, I’m starting to grow on the Janus’ Bodyguard disguises. Not sure why but it might be the feeling of casual brutality.


Does anybody know if the “misterious” basement serve any purpose or its explained whats going on with it?


So far I haven’t even killed anyone, just been exploring the level and it’s houses. Just wanted to look a bit around before going to work, so far I been exploring Janus and his neighbor’s houses. What I really love about this is level is the size, it’s refreshing to see a smaller map, compared to extremly big levels we seen in H16 and so far in H2.

It’s great to see IO mixing things a bit up and that they are confident in their level design enough to go a bit against expectations, by doing bigger and better. In the end most people know that bigger doesn’t always equal better. This level is really the sequel to ‘A New Life’ without being a ripoff, but a homage to one of the best Blood Money levels if not Hitman levels of all time.

I have one question, I hope someone can answer this for me regarding the level. Is there anyway for 47 to confront Janus? like you can confront Jordan Cross in ‘Club 27’. Here i’m referencing the opportunity where you sit in his chair and wait for Jordan to come into his bedroom and having a little talk with him before killing him.

This just might be my fantasy, something I want to be played out. It would seems like one of the cases where you as a player want to confront a target because of the shared history.

But all in all it’s a great level and IO really nailed the feeling of the American suburban neighborhood. Also this level would be obvious for a Halloween themed bonus mission.


There is no direct confrontation with Janus but if you disguise yourself as the nurse, and do his check-up, Janus will talk about Ort-Meyer and his experiments and show his disdain for the clones. 47 can then kill him.


Thank you very much, it’s not what I hoped for. But hearing him talk about Ort-Meyer is interesting enough for me pursue that option, also have anyone found the projector? I have a feeling it might be in the basement of Janus house. So far I’m enjoying the level even if I haven’t killed anyone yet.


The microfilm projector is in the Wilson Household’s attic. Janus basement has a kill opportunity and a clue.


Aw I was hoping for the same option. Even a “give Soders a heart attack in the suit” would have been good.


I don’t know. But if you have him at gunpoint, instead of… well other targets, Janus calmly congratulates 47 on being able to corner him and kill him. Makes me like Janus even more


Not related to a suit challenge, but it would be great if you can make Janus collapse when triggering lockdowns often enough. :grin:


There’s a challenge for either killing a target in an explosion or dropping something heavy on a target.

What can you drop on someone? Is it just a chandelier somewhere?


The music on this level makes me feel like I’m watching a shitty american reality TV show.


Has anyone gotten the “Extensive Presentation” challenge yet? I’m stuck with only one ‘room’ left. The garden doesn’t seem to count towards this challenge – but I guess it should?


the attic? Cassidy can’t get up there but you can still present it by climbing up there


Thank you very much! That fixed it :v:


From the moment I heard a dog barking, I knew it’s “A New Life” 2.0. :blush:


I finally got to play this beauty today. I’m positively surprised by how enjoyable and cozy this level is. I can’t really compare it to A New Life since it’s so much better, but it really feels like it. The houses look fabulous and the NPC’s are fitting and designed so well! Have you guys seen the basement of that cupcake lady btw? Wtf is up with that shit…. IOI really put much time and effort in this one to please us, they are the best! Now I’ll continue with The Ark Society, curious how that one will play out.

Oh, and enjoy this screenshot I took:


Every neighbourhood needs a Murder House.


Quick question: is Nolan Cassidy armed? He’s the Head of Security and a former Secret Service agent, if any Season 2 target should have a gun, it should be him and Mark Faba.


Nolan Cassidy should be armed, but he’s not. it’s just so weird. i imagine maybe Target Lockdown is coded far too deep or something, but idk. don’t see a reason why they can’t make them armed unless it’s some programming issue


So Patrick Morgan remains the only armed Hitman target.