Another Life SA/SO

I plan to next do a Silent Assassin, Suit Only playthrough of Another Life in Wittleton Creek. I have a plan in mind for Janus, but I have no idea how to kill Nolan Cassidy without a disguise, any suggestions for accidents or poisoning that won’t require a disguise to go unnoticed?

Lure his guard away with a noise and hit him with a lethal syringe during the available window


Use the multiple street environment kills to your advantage.

Like an exploding car which counts as an accident.

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My usual run is a poison a muffin for Janus and KO Nolan’s bodyguard and kill him in his garage

Are fire hydrants still a pain to do or do they work for nolan

Idk about the ones between Cassidys and Wilsons house. Others work fine so they should work too. There are multiple car batteries to try it out with, nearest one is probably in Wilsons garage.


Leak fire hydrant water. Toss car battery in puddle when Cassidy walks into it.

I believe I emetic syringe’d his guard after they talk about the barbeque party, and lured Nolan into the garage with a coin or a thrown wrench. shut the garage door when he’s in and hide him in a container before his bodyguard comes back

Grab the rat poison from the Wilson’s garage (where the open house party is taking place), put it in the fumigator machine, and turn it on when Nolan is in the house, and turn it off again. When you enter the house, no one will spot you (they have open circles above their heads). You can even walk up to the recording equipment in plain sight and click the button to destroy the evidence. Nolan always goes to the bathroom. However, don’t rush to drown him because all the guards will leave the house to puke in the river. If they are close to the house when you press the button to drown him, it will signal a better puking spot and one of the guards may turn around and come to the bathroom, find the body, and everything goes crazy. Alternatively, you could poke him with a lethal syringe when he goes to the bathroom and make a quick escape. Just don’t use the front door, because that guard will still be there.


A safe strat that I’ve used for master SA/SO. In this scenario, the fumigator machine isn’t really accessible. I lured Nolan’s bodyguard in the Nolan’s garage with a coin, close to the freezer. I KO’ed, hid him in the freezer, waited for Nolan to do his loop and came back to his house, lured him with a coin, same place, killed him with fiber wire, hid his body in freezer and that’s it.
Take care of the pedestrians that sometimes walk in front of Nolan’s house.

Another variation would be to throw a coin outside the garage when Nolan finished his phone call to distract the guard and then follow Nolan into the garage and syringe him there

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Enter the garage of Cassidy’s house and grab the wrench & the car battery. Go to the fire hydrant across the street near the Wilson residence. Wait until Cassidy is walking towards you, then sabotage the hydrant and throw the car battery into the puddle. Another NPC will try to investigate the hydrant but if you’re timing is right Cassidy will be the first one to step into the puddle. Alternatively you can delay her by bumping into her or throwing stuff around in front of her.

Killed him that way several time and found it to be a reliable and fast method.

I’ll have to try this out. It’s a shame that the fumigator isn’t reliable anymore because of the accident KO bug but whatever

But it still works great with emetic poison.

You can always poison the building, jump into the building and kill Nolan in the bathroom.

I can’t remember how I killed Janus but Cassidy I waited until he talked to the undercover guard by the Lewinsky house (I think that’s its name) then distracted the guards with coins and used a lethal injection. You could use sedatives in the fumigation and snap his neck and hide his body but due to the state of accident KO’s this isn’t SA right now

Master difficulty, no load out, no KOs:

Full set here: Empty-handed: The NKO/NLO Master Challenge