Any Hitman-like missions?

I’m just playing Abolution after playing Hitman 2016.
Are there some sneaking/planning/multi-approach levels, similar to Hitman 2016? King of China Town fits the criteria, are there more levels like that?

Uh they are few and far between.

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Streets of Hope
Test facility in Dexter Industries
The one in the Vixen Club


King of Chinatown is pretty decent


And Blackwater penthouse. There aren’t that many though.


The King of Chinatown
Streets of Hope
The Penthouse


Forget this game if you re playing it to assassinate people … play contract mode or replay the entire games but forget absolution they screwed up here even if this is a great game but a poor Hitman game

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“play contract mode”
How? There’s no server, as I see since last year.
As for H2016 and H2, I’m playing H2016 since last year and still playing and not quitting yet, and I’m far from switching to H2, so yes it’s extraordinary game with endless possibilities. I know Absolution is absolutely different. However, I thought to give it a try (at least to understand how Diana is alive again since he killed her).

Spoilers: 47 gave her a non-fatal but serious wound and she spent time in hiding. 47 kills Travis and dismantles his hold on the ICA. She is reinstated and Absolution is buried in the canon. There I saved you a few hours.

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Thanks Accidental-kills. This twist is lame, I thought they thought of something smarter.

As for missions, I’m still shoot-and-running through the game to find decent Hitman-like levels and I’ve reached China Town second time (in “Hunter and hunted” level). This is kind of promising, we’ll see.
BTW that Vixen mission that someone mentioned was also too straight forward, so - nah.

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Ahh… This Streets of Hope/Barbershop that some of you mentioned were really fun. I’d have to come back and reply it in different ways.

This “Chinese new year” that I mentioned was so-so. Better than the rest of levels, but not as good as Hitman 2016 missions. However, Streets of Hope are really Hitman-like.