Any more Elusive targets for my favourite map?

Like a fool i messed up the two targets so far, i believe there are only two chances( but hope I am wrong) am I mistaken and I yet have a chance to snatch that suit, thus giving me a reason to keep checking the targets, or am I, as I suspect,out of luck?

Both of the Hokkaido ETs have seen their second run already, but there may always be a third run.

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Thanks for the reply but I was meaning if a third target is to happen or even the possibility of another target being added. It is a shame paris has a million targets to go at and poor hokkaido is left with only 2.

With the Legacy Pack in Hitman2, it’s possible that new ETs in Hitman2 could be in Hitman2016 maps

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thanks, I was hoping against hope something had been hinted at and figured if there was any information to be had of rumours or confirmation of extra targets this would be the place to ask. Unlocks are really the main reason for me to keep going back.

I don’t think that IO will make more ET’s, but they may reactivate them again.
Third time’s the charm.

They’ve already confirmed there will be new ETs for Hitman2

For Season 1, I meant.

I doubt that. They want people playing the newest shiniest version of these locations.