Any rewards for fishy business in Miami?


I’ll do the challenges anyhow, but do we know if there are any rewards for completing the challenges?


fishing line fiber wire


Might not be much but I am still happy to get a reward for the challenges!


Just to show you how it looks:


Like the measuring tape, the inventory image looks terrible.



The animation any good? Can you see the wire? :joy:


It’s even better than the Fiber Wire.



Yup, wire is fully visible. Animation looks fine I guess, it’s the same as the fiber wire. Here it is mid-strangling:

Target was too shy and did not show up in the pic, so 47 had to do the animation without him.


Looks pretty cool, will have to get those challenges done. I need to do one more story to unlock that EMP device too.


the only time the wire isn’t visible is the Aztec Necklace in Sgail


I’ve updated my post with a video, take a look


Haven’t done these yet, but I did have a quick look at the challenges - they do seem to be a bit… uninspired and not difficult at all like some previous Challenge Packs.


That treble hook would do some serious damage. Also 47 would for sure hurt himself using that.


The detailing is a hell of a lot better than the measuring tape lol nothing can be compared to that awful thing


No rewards for the 15 completed featured contracts?


there is a wrench, but it’s bugged rn


Looks better than fibre wire, I don’t like How the wire is black on the fibre wire. I prefer the way the fishing line looks.