Anyone getting the HD collection tomorrow?


Absolution and Blood Money remaster coming out tomorrow. I am excited for the fact that they re-did the controls. After the current gen season 1 and 2 controls, it was quite tough going back to play the old Blood Money control style.

The only downside seems to be that they are charging the remaster for a full 59.99 usd with no other extra content, which is quite steep for remasters.

Guess we will wait and see if there are any hidden surprises.

I will probably wait for the review and if it is just the two games, then I will wait for a sale.

What about you guys?



I’m buying it tomorrow. I wanted a Absolution remastered for a very long time. And now here it is.
Will enjoy it with some red bull whiskey and a couple of sweets.


Haha, nice plan. I am very tempted to get it tomorrow as well. I loved Absolution and can’t wait to see what they did to update it!

As for Blood Money, if they update the controls then it will be absolutely amazing.


I hope it’s a midnight release. So I can download it over night and play it after work.


It’s not out til Friday is it?


Nope. Will wait for it to be on sale - it’s not worth paying that much for Blood Money.


I think it should be. That was the case for Hitman 2.


Yeah, it’s out Friday 1/11.


Time zones!!!


I’m very tempted as I never played them… but I always buy hitman day one, and it always gets a huge price cut a few weeks later


Calm down Mr NZ :smirk::wink:


I shall Nevah!!!


i’ll wait for your Review, i dont have a good feeling because the didnt showed anything yet!


I’m gonna wait to see some gameplay on YT, than I’ll decide if I buy it or not. If its the same thing as my perfectly running at 60 fps with good controls pc versions. I’ll wait for a sale.


I only want Blood Money tbh. If you can buy them seperately I will buy BM instantly tomorrow. If not I’m probably waiting for a price drop or discount.


Get a pc. You won’t have to rebuy the same games over and over and over


I’m more curious about the revamped controls than just the graphics, specifically for Blood Money (Absolution’s control was a big upgrade from Blood Money)

If we can get some resemblance of Hitman S1&2 style control implemented then I will get it instantly.


This Collection seems rather meaningless for people on PC and Xbox due to Steam and Backwards Compatibility, but I will buy this for my Xbox because I like achievements and Blood Money. I do feel this is wasted potential since they could of added the HD Versions of Hitman 2 Silent Assassin and Contracts to really push and justify that $60 price tag.


I can’t wait to buy it at full price tomorrow.
I been itching to get back into the absolution story again.

That motel level! It’s HD