Anyone getting the HD collection tomorrow?


I am going to give the world’s flatest no.

NO, that is all.


For $60, it is a flat out no for me.

Supposedly they didn’t even include the Absolution contracts mode.

These also look more like ports than actual remakes or remasters as well.

That said, I will probably pick it up on sale, something like $15 is a fair price for me.

(Also as an xbox gamer, I’m kinda pissed that they chose to include the games which were already backwards compatible.)


Same! That Hitman HD trilogy should have been made Backward compatible before they released this redundant collection.


Saw some live play on YouTube, not seeing much changes applied to Blood Money’s control scheme. Graphical upgrades seem obvious on Absolution but not so much on Blood Money.

Take a look, just search Hitman HD PS4 and arrange by upload date, there is just one you tuber doing all the live play.


Negative. Couldn’t care less about playing Absolution again, and I just beat BM 100% (for the umpteenth time) on an Xbox One S several months back. I’ll probably wait for a deep, deep sale on it, if I even bother then. Would’ve been a different discussion if it was the HD Trilogy, however.


Nope. I’d like to play blood money again but not at this price for a bit of a makeover.


I heard they added MkII stickers to the ballers. (=


Not gonna waste single penny on remastered versions.


Not true :stuck_out_tongue: it’s the same identical game. But they really did improved the visuals. Instead the controls are almost exactly as in season 1 and Hitman 2.


Not even in the store yet. Is anyone streaming it yet?


@badeaguard or anyone else playing BM, what are the “updated controls”?


I don’t like it much on console. But maybe this is just me. It still has that huge hud that is distracting (for me). Visuals are improved that is true. But that’s it.
You still have to create your own account like it was a PS2 game. That is lame.

Instead Absolution is super. The graphics are really noticeable and I play it in HD on a normal ps4. For the rest is the same old game.


Ok cool. I’m more wanting this for Ab anyways as I do have the pro. Just seriously disappointed no contracts mode despite them saying they’ll look into getting them back. Wasn’t that a year ago? What’s the holdup?


Not having contracts in the menu does feel strange. I was used with Victoria’s voice telling a little what’s going to happen and then you select Contracts and have a serious Diana telling you what is all about.

A thing I forgot about Absolution that now I appreciate a lot is the serious tone of Diana. She talks so professional, so serious and also deadly sometimes. It’s perfect!


Maybe it will be offtopic, but if speaking of Diana, I would like to meet her.
I mean we know that David Bateson is actual Agent 47.
But who’s Diana in real life?


I want this so badly but why 60$ ioi ? That is very expensive so i will wait for a sale because all my money is on my Resident evil 2 remake and Sekiro pre orders.Fingers crossed that this goes on sale for 30$ soon.


So it is official, Absolution got a serious face lift, but the controls are similar. Blood Money is in high-res, but the clunky interface and control remain the same (the one thing that really needed to be modernized). More importantly, from what I have seen, they appear to be based off of the PS2 versions of the games (I guess PS3 and Xbox 360’s structure take a lot of effort to be adjusted into PS4?).

I have been a vocal supporter for IOI especially for the Hitman 2 designs and their wonderful work redoing the Hitman 1 stages. But this collection really leaves much to be desired. More importantly, the pricing of a full new game really got my hopes up for a properly remastered game, but I guess here we are.


Oh you mean the REAL Diana? That my friend would be none other than Vivienne McKee. I miss her so much

Here they are together (it warms my heart!) :hugs:


I remember when I was in Copenhagen there were posters everywhere for a live show. Some Trump parody type thing that starred her. I was like “holy shit, it’s Diana Burnwood!”


I would really want to go to one of their shows. Will look forward to this and go for a visit just for this.