Anyone getting the HD collection tomorrow?


That’s awesome, wish I were there to see it!


Thanks for the information.
Shame I don’t know how Vivienne was, since I didn’t play Hitman before Absolution.
But now I know Diana :slight_smile:
Thank you


You should play the old ones!


You’re welcome and I definitely agree with @YacobT you should really play the older Hitman games as well. They’re awesome!


It so crazy to think of but I have seen both of them twice in the same room (well on the same stage) because I was at the crazy Christmas in Copenhagen!

Beautiful I’ll tell you


Oh man, super jealous lol I would have loved to see that


I know man! I’m so honored. The funny thing is that I did not know it was them the first time. So I thought to myself that if I had that voice but added a bit it would sound like 47. Turned out that it was bateson himself :smile: