Anyone getting x-ray'd through walls more since the latest patch, or just me?

As the title says, it seems like guards are either starting target lockdowns more frequently or that they’re seeing bodies and you pointing a gun through walls. Had this happen on Sapienza, Colorado, and Hawke’s bay. I’m going though a trilogy SASO run with the C47 suit (because hey why not), and this is the first time I’ve had this happen (apart from Haven island, but we don’t talk about that.)

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I’ve only had it happen in Chongqing on that (other) rooftop area where you get the sniper rifle. I had 2 guards KO’d, they weren’t even next to the wall, and the guard I distracted with a breaker box sees them about 10 feet away from the door through the wall.

But Chongqing has had that problem before the patch. It was bad especially in the underground ICA facility.

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Maybe it’s just me then, I’m just so used to sap to be an extremely tight map. Never once I ever had something like a target lockdown happen, except for y’know…when forced to go loud lmao

Well, in all fairness, I haven’t played every map… Just the ones to get the new suits they released (official and unofficial) today… or yesterday at this point.

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Heh, heard about that. Shame I was busy in classes before I could get it. They should honestly give 47 more hats.

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In my case, I’m having non-guards see me doing SA-breaking actions through floors…


  • Featured Contracts (the x-ray vision breaks SA; it is not necessarily a condition of the contract (i.e., being noticed / seen might not fail contract))
  • Maps: Dubai, Dartmoor standard (not “Garden Show”), Berlin standard, Chongqing, Bangkok standard, Whittleton Creek
  • Building interior mostly: I am not not outdoors (exception detailed below for “The Terminator”), but sometimes I am near a window or an open doorway inside a room.
  • side note: outfits are either a starting location for the map or from “Hitman 2” (2018) and earlier.

Two detailed examples:

Example 1:

  • Dartmoor standard.
  • Wearing private investigator outfit, start in Zachary Carlisle’s bedroom.
  • SA green icon (no breaking of SA temporarily before death or unconsciousness of witnesses, etc.)
  • No “searching” notification above mini-map.

Grabbed rolled newspaper on upper floor (above Gregory Carlisle). Descended using main staircases to ground floor. Shot butler Fernsby with Sieker 1 in the main (entry) hall; unnoticed by anyone. Ran to the agency pickup lavatory (nearest library / billiard room (Patrick Carlisle) and the hearse key next to a bench)) and waited inside with door closed. Allowed hm to enter, closed the door then subdued him with newspaper.
I dragged him from the toilet to the cupboard and was stowing his unconscious body in the cupboard when I got the picture-in-picture notification that I was being seen. Remaining in the lavatory, I used Instinct to scan outdoors, assuming that I had been seen by someone passing, but no one was “orange”. So then I scanned the indoors of the ground floor, but still no “orange” persons. Some seconds later, Alexa Carlisle alone without bodyguard present, entered the lavatory and proceeded to ask me what I was doing… and of course, SA was lost.
Considering Alexa Carlisle stays upstairs during featured contracts if starting as Private Investigator (and therefore in Zachary Carlisle’s room), her route confined to passing between two upstairs rooms, unlike in story mode where she has her route covering both ground floor and upper floors, she saw me through the floors…

In another featured contract, Alexa Carlisle alone caught me again when I coin-lured the mansion staff person who is dusting in the billiard room as he passed the same lavatory (after Patrick Carlisle sent him away to “find button, white”). I had done nothing prior except to grab the bust on the upper floor then run downstairs from Zachary’s bedroom via the billiard room stairs, and enter the lavatory. Then I subdued him with hands, and again, while stowing him, Alexa noticed…

Example 2:

  • Chongqin
  • Wearing The New Yorker coat, River-side Walkway.
  • SA green icon (no breaking of SA temporarily before death or unconsciousness of witnesses, etc.)
  • No “searching” notification above mini-map.
  • Happened in “The Terminator” Featured Contract, and in another Featured Contract.
  • In the case of “The Terminator”, used ICA Tactical Shotgun Covert, carried in Black Leather Briefcase, before the incidents.

After shooting the pair of targets next to a walkway railing (one shot each, knocking them over the railing), I entered the laundromat, used code on door then ran upstairs until I reached the landing then crouch-walked the next flight, past the two outdoor guards (discussing the drone), down the outdoor stairs to the “dancing guard” (he was not yet dancing), approached him from behind where he stood (he was starting his dialogue, “May I have…”), used Handyman wrench to silent /melee distance subdue him then, as I dragged his body to the “back” low wall (near the homeless encampment, away from apartment building, restaurant), the picture-in-picture notification appeared and I heard a woman shouting about seeing a man dragging a body, I used Instinct, and saw that it was one of the pair of women on the landing of the outdoor concrete stairs leading from the main street (in front of apartment building, restaurant, arcade) to the homeless encampment. SASO broken.

Re-started contract, again clean one-shot knock-overs of the two civilians at the walkway railing, again entered via laundromat and crouch walked to “dancing guard” then used two coins to lure him to the low wall near the homeless encampment (but not the low wall overlooking the outdoor concrete stairs) then, while crouched as near to the building wall (to right-hand side) as possible and close behind the guard, shot him with the suppressed shotgun, knocking him over the wall in one shot. Again, the same woman on the concrete stairs shouts, this time, she saw a man shoot someone (not “body found” dialogue)… SASO broken.

Re-started contract again and this time, went first (did not shoot anyone) to the laundromat, subdued (using Handyman wrench throw and hands) the two outdoor guards discussing the drone, subdued with hands the not-yet “dancing guard” then, without moving the body further, shot him with the suppressed shotgun. Left all three bodies (two unconscious, one corpse) as they lay and completed the remainder of the contract SASO.

Best regards.

Edited 1 Nov to clarify further a few points.

I’ve had mysterious non target deaths since the patch. Both on Dubai in Freelancer, I’ll be going around doing my own thing and then suddenly I get a picture in picture of guard flying through a black void and a non target death notification. Really weird, are the phasing out of the map and falling to their death somewhere?

It’s a very known issue that happens from time to time on different levels through the WoA.

Let’s hope that upcoming patches and fixes will definitely fill the holes of those walls :sweat_smile:

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I saw this happen in my game the other day! Can’t remember the details outside of the fact I was playing freelancer. Might have been an alerted territory because I think they add extra guards, so maybe one of their routes are broken. Quite hard to investigate without knowing where the void actually is!

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