Anyone have Tattoos? Share Them Here!

Since tattoos are considered “art” I thought it would be appropriate to put this topic in “creative corner”

Just wondering, who here has tattoo’s?
Post a photo of your tattoos

Tell everyone about it as well…
Why did you get it?
What inspired you to get it?
And does it have a story behind it?
(If it’s too personal, you don’t have to share “the story”)

Take a moment and share with everyone.
I don’t have any tattoos myself, I may in the future. I was just curious about everyone else. If you don’t have a tattoo to post a photo of, feel free to post a picture of a tattoo you plan to get in the future!


If I ever do a tatoo it’ll either be a barcode on back of my head or fleur de lis somewhere on my body.

But other than that I’m not a fan of tatoos unless they really have some meaning or purpose.
It’s not really my thing…


Don’t have any myself and I hate needles, so I’m likely to refrain from getting any.

I have “hit” written on one buttcheek. “Man” on the other

Edit: not really lulz


For real? No offense but it sounds like a tattoo made when drunk. At least when it’s on the buttcheeks.

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Are you actually being serious!!?:flushed: :smile::laughing::joy:
What made ya do that? Lmao

Do NOT show a picture!! Hahaha!

Pictures or it didn’t happen!

Just joking.
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You cock tease.


My friend is thinking of getting the pipboy as a tattoo.

I however, think tattoos are waste of money. I don’t really think they look nice in many cases.

I personally have no problems with tattoos. Although i’am the type of person that, if I decided to get one, it would really have to have a strong meaning behind it. Some tattoos are indeed just plain cool looking, but for me, it would have to be more than “just cool looking” in order to get it.


Yeah I’m with you. I have no problem with tattoos and everyone decides for their own. I’ve seen many cool and inspiring tattoos but I would never spend my money on one. And like you, if I would get one it would need to mean a lot for me. Examples of tattos that means a lot are tattoos of lost family members names/faces or your kids names or basically something that you have a strong connection to that you want to remember.
I’ve watched some episodes of Miami ink even though I’m not interested in tattoos on myself. Some people come in and want generic stuff but they often highlight people that have a good story behind the tattoos they want. So yeah I like tattos that means a lot and have a story behind it.

I’m still young, maybe in the future I have a story I wanna tell with a tattoo.

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This is actually a funny coincidence as I plan on getting a tattoo before the end of the month. Will post here when done.


Tattoos are definately not my thing. I really like artwork, I just don’t have any intentions on putting it on my body. I can appreciate it on other people though. Some tattoo artwork look really spectacular.

My ex girlfriend and father in law had a shop and they were really talented so I’ve had my fair share of opportunities to get one but it still didn’t tick with me.

@Crashicoot What are you planning to get? :slight_smile:

@MadMax I guess I’m more of an ass tease!


Exactly. Like Johnny Depp once said…

And that’s a pretty neat coincidence @Crashicoot :smiley: Just in time! Yeah post it on here when ya get it done. Can’t wait to see it!

I’m going to get my icon but the full picture on my right leg because the artist is a big inspiration to me and I love all her art. (I’m a weeb btw, dunno how many HMF members are)

This is my personal favorite work of hers.


looks cool! can you share a link to her other stuff?

Probably should of to begin with, she’s mostly a Legend of Korra artist. That’s how I found her. (Semi-NSFW)


I ALMOST got a (drunk) tatoo of Bugs Bunny smoothly leaning against a brick wall wearing a leather jacket and smoking a cigarette. So glad i didnt. Whew!


I’ve got two on my arms, each of my favorite bands’s (Nine Inch Nails and Queens of the Stone Age) logos. I’ve actually had plans of getting the fleur-de-lis at some point, but there’s a lot of other things I’d like too and I’m trying to pace them out because I don’t want to end up with more than a handful.