Anyone know what font is used for the new Hitman logo?

I’d like to know what font is used for the new Hitman logo

I was trying to find out this too! It’s weird, because it’s such a striking and simple font that I feel like I’ve seen in music videos with a similar tone to the hitman announce trailer, yet it appears to be impossible to track down.


Thank you very much Travis! Always on top of things!

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THANK YOU I’ve been looking everywhere for this!
EDIT: Some places want $600 for this font. That’s ridiculous!

Talk to @ampburner, pretty sure he found an alternative for the text in the header.

@Travis_IOI @Gypsy to answer that question, I have actually not found an alternative font.

However, as a clever citizen of the interwebs I have noticed that the examples on their website are in a very high quality SVG format, and I also have photoshop,

You think it’s possible to take this and make it into your own font?

P.S- Love the font used for the game. Keep it simple.

In theory, I guess it would be possible. It would also be illegal, I think.
I’m not sure that what I did was a 100% legal to be honest. I’m hoping it’s considered fair use.

Do you really need the whole font?

To be honest no. I just needed in caps GYPSY in that font for some artwork.

About the time Hitman absolution came out I uploaded this font. 395 times downloaded. I am not sure what it is exactly for actually but I think it is hitman related. The name is Helvetica neue. The name of this font travis linked to is also helvetica neue. Probably different styles of the same font.
[Removed Link]
Edit: Looking at the Hitman absolution logo now I realized that this font that I linked to is the font of “Absolution” I remember I also obtined the font for “Hitman” too but Can’t remember where I put it. Damn it was a long time ago… Those days of absolution hype…

Edit: I removed the link because It is probably illegal to share such things. If you want it send me a message. Anyway you can google that if your ethics allow you to.

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I dont like the new font…its very simple and too boring in my opinion - i liked the fonts of the old games, the were very recognizable.

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I found it. It’s called Coolvetica and can be downloaded here for free if anyone is interested.


When the logo came on at the end of the trailer, this choice of font gave it so much more impact than it would have otherwise. It’s deceptively simple, yet confident and striking. I think I might actually want to learn more about fonts, now!

Thanks so much guys, will be useful for my upcoming Hitman videos :smile: