Anyone really disappointed with the resort

First of all. I love the visuals of this level, it looks straight up gorgeous and all the vegetation and areas makes it look like a real resort, the storyline is very good too,

However I’m really disappointed with the map design. I mean how much of the same till it’s gets old?

Let’s start with the Villa. On approaching the entrance you get two options - go left or right. I thought at first they might be joking, it can’t be as simple as just going to the right and finding an entrance. And that’s exactly what happened, a convenient broken wall thing which let’s you get inside, same with the left, just keep on walking and you’ll see another convenient broken wall guard and let an entrance.

You feel me? Let’s take Sapienza for instance. On approaching Villa Caruso you don’t really have a cleR way to get inside. Go to the left and you’ll see a window on the ruin tower but that’s on a height! Only by looking carefully will you notice that there are ledges which blend in with the wall color that 47 can climb to reach the window. Only a trained eye can see it. You don’t have any sort of simple entrance to the Villa. Go to the left? Locked door with key card and you can’t use lockpick. There’s a way from 47’s apartment but you can use it only if you explore the apartment building first, otherwise you can’t see the entrance point from outside. Go to the area with the red cloth in air? Locked door with keycard. There is one easy way but it involves all the way going back of the mansion compound, and even then you don’t just see a way. You have to follow a somewhat hidden path of the mountains to ultimately climb and get access. There are more ways but they’re all well hidden and require a lot of thinking and exploring, like the 2 ways from the sewers and the underground lab etc. OR you can get a disguise, then again which aren’t very easy to find(except say Rocco’s uniform after which you also have an entry point just below).

Infiltrating it was challenging and tough! It really reminded me why I love this franchise so much. Now in the Resort villa when you do get inside from one of the 2 ways you have something like, what, 2 clean ways tops to access the second floor? All the other have people guarding there, there’s one where the 2 waitresses aren’t facing you thus you can slip by and one where you can climb up the stairs though that’s again guarded somewhat and extremely difficult. You’ve got guards at literally every corner making infiltration a chore. Whereas in Villa Caruso you had same if not more number of guards BUT they were all stationed in a way that made sense, was challenging to a degree and you could create a number of ways to slip by them.

And Sapienza was the second level of the game! There’s always been a trend in games with first few levels a little bit easy then getting difficult later, but here the trend goes backwards, first levels very well desgined/challenging in a good way then just bad. Even Haven’s predecessor the Bank is great in comparison, really challenging and fun level with great design(though I didn’t like the small number of ways to get access to targets office)

I hope I make sense as this is not satire and I’m being completely serious, I love this game and this level too to an extent but the design of this really put me off, I know there are different devs assigned to each level and here it’s as if the devs of this level are learning the design backwards. It’s really disappointing for me since I’ve personally been excited and waiting for it for a long time.

Nevertheless I still enjoy this level quite a lot, but it worries me if this trend goes in H3 too, then for me personally I’d be done with the franchise. I know level design is really tough and takes a lot of time and patience but I really hope to see better in the future.

(I’m just posting my opinion and made this post for discussion so please don’t be mad! Looking forward to your replies :grin:)


I’m disappointing with Lucas Grey friendly tone. He was so good when being mysterious and talked seriously.
No he seems to be too funny and friendly.


I am not disappointed, no.

Reading your post I’d argue that some significant part of your experience is just due to not having played enough. There’s plenty of paths and possibilities for the villa that I can tell you haven’t come across yet.

Of course you compare it with my favorite mission in the series, so I can’t say I totally disagree that Sapienza did some things better, but still…


Nah I’m super happy with the resort. I think it ranks 2 or 3 overall for me


I found it well balanced. Villa Caruso had both targets inside, so of course it needed to have more entrances. Besides that I found the apartment and left ruin tower entrance easy and not that obstructed. In contrast the broken wall you can use here was not that visible for me because of all these pants. Took a moment to climb the wooden stuff in front of it as you can only do that from the left side of it.
Also a huge impact of this wall is: It works only one way. I found myself in quite a surprise to stand there in my suit, unable to easily get out. Villa Caruso did not have that problem.

The entrances of the Island villa are more straight forward, yes. But that is okay because it took me 20mins to make my way to that villa after checking the public area. I was quite happy it was not too much of a deal to go on.

Do I get you right all your issues are related to the villa? That ruins the whole map for you?

What this map lacks is more starting locations. The secret server farm and a suit infiltration point for example.


Not disappointed really, it’s top-tier map. Maybe you’re tired of the formula and it’s obvious that they should make some changes (not a total and absolute change, please, it’s the best formula for a Hitman game) to make it interesting in Hitman 3, but right now it’s a great great map that has the ambience, gameplay and characters i always expect and want from a Hitman map

Maybe i prefer The Bank for personal aesthetics reasons, but nonetheless both are great maps.


The only disappointment I have with this level is the random and persistent bugs that carried in from previous levels. Like, trying to lure a target to a certain location for it to be eliminated, when the prompt doesn’t appear as it should. I’m sure it’s stuff that could be fixed with some updates here and there.

However, I’m not disappointed with the map design-wise. I think it’s one of their best designed and better looking maps to date. I was fearful it was going to be small and reduced, but it delivered horizontally and vertically. Considering it’s not the villa per-se that needs the highest measures of security, I’d say it’s impressive how well concealed the… adjoining parts to the villa are.

Not disappointed at all.
I find it better than the bank, although they are different maps. The resort gives us plenty of opportunities and i like every aspect of it.


I wouldn’t say I’m disappointed, but I’m kinda indifferent. Not feeling anything about it at all, but I guess it is just because of setting. Postcard tropics, beaches, swimwear, pools, sand… it does nothing for me, not in the movies, videogames or real life (there it’s a nightmare tbh).

The better expansion for me personally is still the Bank, bc it is simply more closer to my ‘bloodtype’, claustrophobic, more intimate, cold and atmospheric and i was far more intrigued by the target and other NPCs than i am with the Haven ones.

With Resort, i will do the challenges but don’t think i will have a craving to return there even after weeks, like i have with the Bank, bc it simply doesn’t grasp me enough.

That’s just something in me, nothing to do with how actually good the Resort is or isn’t.


I think you are wearing them wrong :thinking:


I get what you are saying but I also can’t say I completely agree. If all the levels were like Sapienza the charm that it has would wear off immediately. For every Sapienza we get we need a different type of level. While I liked the variety of ways in to the Vila in Sapienza an argument can be made that its almost too much choice, and once you play it once you know the best route and will just always use that forever. Having a limited only two ways in and both are guarded makes your approach different and has a different type of difficulty.

I haven’t gotten to play much of Haven yet, just enough to knock out a few challenges and get the story, but I am already sweating trying to do SASO no KO run on Master on this map because of the limited ways in to various places.

If I did have a complaint about the level design it would be the “private island” there is so little there that it makes almost no sense for it to be a thing at all, It feels like its only there because there was a target they wanted to put there, but I feel even that wasn’t done to its best since its a complete betrayal of what you would expect of the lair of a expert computer programmer and head of technology for the entire island. This isolated island would be perfect to put the tech center on with added security making the island worth being there and giving you another building to infiltrate to balance out the house of the other target.

that is my only complaint about the map, the addition of the trapdoors in the floors that lets you escape into the sea, and finally being able to walk at least a little in the water unlike before where an invisable water stopped 47 as if he was afraid of water, more than make up for the other short comings this map may have. I hope they include things like hidden floor trapdoors in the future. or vents in the ceiling that would make scaling inside a building more interesting.


Lmao gonna let that typo stay.


I think you are concentrating too much on this one specific detail. Yeah, Villa Caruso was more interesting in terms of pure infiltration. But on the flipside, disguises that granted you access were right in front of your nose and the game practically screamed at you in attempt to draw your attention.

The Island Villa on the other hand is much more balanced. Sure, breaching outside perimeter is pretty straightforward but navigating it in your suit is pretty hard. And the one disguise that gets you in and practically delivers Tyson’s neck right into your hands has to be discovered and acquired through a mini infiltration of its own.

In general, I feel that IO is honing in on the perfect formula. The overall flexibility and variability are growing, narrative elements are getting integrated into the levels better and better, while a lot of fat is getting trimmed down.

Besides, there are only so many variations on “if you go left there is convenient ledge/pipe/window/wormhole” you can do before you start repeating yourself.


I only wish the storm was actually ‘useful’ or did something. Or at least I didn’t notice it doing anything. The map just goes darker, there’s wind and… that’s it. I wish the NPCs would suddenly have different routes - hunkering more inside rather than staying outside - which could also make the third target, whoever’s left before the storm hits, harder to get to. Could make for some harder planning and a nice challenge of eliminating all targets before the storm hits. It just feels kind of useless and because of that I don’t really like it, basically ruins the atmosphere of the map (for me) for absolutely not reason.

Other than that, like the map. Maybe could’ve been a little bigger, but still, it’s a quality map.


Villa Caruso has one or two useful areas but the rest is pretty boring and there’s no reason to visit the rest of the mansion unless it’s a mission story.
The villa felt very well used and I think it’s smaller size and one target makes it much better

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Yeah, this is the only major misstep I can see. The storm could’ve been the cherry on top that sets this mission apart and turns it into a brand new archetype. You can always blame it the trailer over hyping the storm, but still. Well, here’s for a 2020 mission in Dubai with a fully functional sandstorm that alters gameplay.

This kind of applies to the entirety of H2. There are no structures as big and as complex as Villa Caruso or Palai De Valeska. New levels are usually broken down into smaller more digestible sections with greater focus and less wasted space.


I couldn’t agree more. The ambiance of the Storm was great although I don’t think in the little I played that I got actual rain, just the sound of the storm and the map getting slightly darker. If they went full tilt with this idea it would be AMAZING! If the storm made all NPCs do an alternate routine, and people retreat inside would make infiltration, navigating, and exfiltration of buildings during these times that much harder. I really love the concept of dynamic weather they introduced here and I hope they improve on it more and then retroactively add it to all previous levels too since that would be incredible.

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I don’t understand. He is not friendly anymore in the last cutscene (he has never been really friendly), He betrayed 47 and Diana and made an alliance with Arthur Edwards. So this friendly tone is just a lure to manipulate 47 since season 1.


Right now my biggest disappointment is that I learned Steam has been dumping HITMAN 2 into C: which has no more harddisk space when I originally set Install Folder to D: already from the beginning…

It won’t let me move HITMAN 2 unless it’s “finished updating” for The Last Resort. So I have had to do my own last resort… I’m re-installing the game from scratch. :frowning:

Couldn’t you cancel the Last Resort install, then move Hitman and then restart the install?

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