Anyone still play sniper assassin multiplayer?

I’m struggling to actually play sniper assassin maps on anything other than single player with waits up to 30 minutes most of the time, anyone else here play these maps multiplayer often? I only realised how bad these waits are after trying to get the “Complete mission multiplayer” trophies.

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I haven’t played in a while but if you’re after the trophies I’m happy to help.

The only one of the three I’m still currently missing is the multiplayer achievement for Siberia, I’m currently waiting on the lobby screen so I will hopefully get into a match with someone soon.

Okay managed to get all the multiplayer achievements but it took me 2 hours in the process. I’m just surprised these missions don’t get much playtime.

I’m a fan of the sniper missions but I understand they aren’t for everyone.

Good to see you got them done :+1:

I’ve been trying to bug IO about it in their streams for a year, you should have the option to pool in all sniper maps to decrease the wait time by 2/3, rather than be forced to only pick one map at a time and have to wait for someone else who also picked that same map.

It’s useless.
They abandoned multiplayer modes completely.
Only hope these changes will be applied in HITMAN 3, if they include multiplayer in it


Are they still doing their monthly livestreams?

Yes they do

Ah thank you, I haven’t seen them in a while. Sorry to derail the thread!

It’s a shame to see the online modes abandoned though, I thought the ghost mode was really fun to play and had multiple ways you could use the maps to gain advantages but people with experience still had the upper hand. Would of liked all maps to be possible instead of just Miami and Colombia but of course that would of taken a lot of time and resources to get ready.

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However at the start they promised to spread Ghost Mode on all maps.
Seems their course and plans have been changed. It’s a shame

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Hitman multiplayer has so much possibilities it’s a shame they don’t focus on it :pensive:

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It’s a self-fulfilling prophecy: They didn’t focus on it because not many people played it, and not many people played it because they didn’t focus on it

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Although you could think of making a very interesting multiplayer mode that would make people go toward it, 50/50

Say, that mode where one player is on the field while the other assists as a sniper, or both being on the field having to kill up to 4-5 targets, wouldn’t be “much harder” and is yet extremely interesting to play

I am looking for someone to complete the 3 Sniper Maps in Multiplayer mode, if anyone is interested add me on Steam : Knight249

My buddy, @SagePace would second this, but I feel it wouldn’t really work outside of being able to do it in a regular co-op gamemode on sandbox maps. I assume what you mean is having separate maps for that gamemode?

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Well basically having two assassins on one map wouldn’t be compatible with the current levels, not enough opportunities / targets for 2, but this can be an easy fix; although mode-specific maps can be a possibility too but would require much work on the level design once again, I would happily try that though if I could get my hands on the game’s models

i can play if someone need help. add me on steam ludo sawyer

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