Anyone tried anything out with the 7 lights on the ground at the Construction Site in Whittleton Creek?


The central area of the construction site/zone, where there’s a big patch where there’s no grass. There are 7 lights in sort of a circle around that patch. They can be shot, but nothing else afaik.

It might be nothing at all, or it might be some Easter Egg. Or, it might be related to that damn Priceless challenge.

Anyone looked into it or tried it? I know couple of people on reddit talked about it.


Isn’t that supposed to be the helipad for Janus? It may have an Easter egg attached, but nothing’s been found yet.


Betty is suing janus for the annual helicopter ride but I dont think anyone has tried it yet.
I gave up on priceless becuase its most certainly is a bug. Lasse said he will check up on it when he can


Yeah, it’s the helipad for Janus. Hoping it has an Easter Egg attached, but haven’t found anything myself so far.