Apex Legends


Brand new Battle Royale game released, absolutely no hype or advertising for this one they’ve just dropped it madness! Anyway I’ve just downloaded gonna have a blast tonight. It’s free to download and play so why not!

Let me know what you guys think



Battle royale is so overdone at this point. They are all clones of fortnite which is one of the worst games ive ever played

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Just picked it up today and, I have to say, it ain’t that bad. It feels like a solid basis they can build off of

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each to their own I never liked Fornite but enjoy blackout in black ops 4.

@Aegis_Chrome it’s gonna take some getting used to but after that it’s got the potential to be really enjoyable! Think I’m gonna stick with it.



Considering that it’s made by the Titanfall guys, I have high hopes. I just want to see a return of wallriding, haha

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I never actually played Titan fall, couple of my buddies have and said that the game mechanics were awesome! You can see that’s carried through into this

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The gameplay looks to have interesting twists on the BR genre. (I particularly like the idea of a chance at a one-person revive in the group.)

And I really like how the developers (or at least the PR guy) is trying to be pretty transparent on how their monetization of Apex works.



I would highly recommend you try Titanfall 2, which, unlike the first game, has a single player campaign, and it is the best single player FPS campaign since, oh I dunno, MODERN WARFARE 1. It is so creative, and so much love put into it. You will find it for dirt cheap too. Please play it, your life will be richer.

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I watched a few gameplay videos around release as I was considering buying it but changed my mind in the end, I wasn’t 100% sure I would enjoy it, a few people including yourself have said the same thing! might see if I can pick a pre-owned copy up and give it a blast. That is some statement lol, I loved the campaign on MW2 & 3 and BO1 after that it went to sh*t! You play BO4?

@TheChicken Unlike Fortnite and other BR games there’s also an opportunity to respawn team mates even if they have bled out, you have to collect their ‘banner’ and find the respawn device, there’s some really interesting features on it. It’s a microtransaction system with an in-game shop you buy points and spend in, obviously with the actual game being free they’ve implemented this to make their revenue from.



MW1 and BO1 :heart:

Yeah just grab it cheap, play that campaign then sell it off. Worth it, trust.

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the multiplayer is great fun as well and I can still consistently find matches on it so 🤷



This was the first battle Royal game I ever played for real.

Pretty sure I played 14 seconds of fortnite before I got shot by someone I never saw.

Not a fan of battle Royal. It’s like a mix of a survival horror game and a shooter but you don’t have time for item management and the zombies are live players.

It’s not fun to scramble for your life because you haven’t found a weapon yet, or you have a pistol with three shots in it and running from 3 players with automatics. I just don’t see that as skill.

It reminds me of the start of recent far cry games and not in a good way. It’s just running around a map trying to find a gun with a full clip while trying to avoid other players is not my idea of fun.

Oddly enough this is the first time I can recall actually physically shaking, trembling with anticipation while holding the controller. Shivers. It is tense, very exhausting for me. I can only play a match or two and I am emotionally drained.

Funny tho, I won my very first match and got my first kill in that game. Those grenades man.

Of course Lifeline is my girl.



I really like this one because it feels like the first Battle Royale in a long time that’s actually built as from concept to completion as a Battle Royale rather than another game that was twisted into a Battle Royale against it’s will and with the intention on maximising monetization.

Particularly I really like how there’s so many inbuilt options that facilitate communication and cooperation, so you don’t have to deal with people’s scratchy coms, language barriers, etc. I played a game with two players who were speaking Thai over the comms the whole game and managed to cooperate with them and work together for a solid twenty minutes before we got wiped out.

That’s pretty amazing.



That plus the movement and mobility. It’s just so smooth, and the fact that you can actually climb to most areas is just great.



Tried it with a few friends the other day and hated every second of it.

Actually that’s not true, I enjoyed the intro screen.

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this ^ it’s total dogshit, battle royale titanfall minus everything that makes titanfall good



Why is it dogshit exactly? I mean the battle royale genre might not be your thing, or you might just be extremely trash at the game, but it’s a good and very fun game for its genre.

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It was boring, repetitive, poorly balanced and fell into all the same trappings that other games in the Battle Royale genre do. The only thing I appreciate is the intro screen (It made me feel pumped up before a match) and the fact that you don’t have to listen to racist horseshit from other players as there’s no voice communication with anyone other than your team.



Blank statements. Boring how? Poorly balanced how? The game is very balanced if anything. The movement and mobility is simply great, and the pinging system works very well.

Like i said to Spode, it’s fine if battle royale games aren’t your thing, but to call the game dogshit is absurd.



Well, I found it boring to play because the movement, combat and abilities were “factory standard” for an FPS. Respawn are good developers so everything worked, but the fact is they’ve made a much better game in Titanfall 2 and Apex Legends just feels like a less intuitive version of that.

The most exciting thing was the pre-battle intro screen. I honestly really liked that a lot, and was palpably disappointed that the actual game itself didn’t keep the same sense of drama.

I agree with this too actually. I’ve not played a Battlefield game since Bad Company 2 but it reminded me of being able to mark enemies in that game. More games need to have universal, language barrier breaking commands that everyone can understand. I’ll also give it credit for the fact it’s focused on teamwork a lot more - There’s not a lonewolf mode as far as I can tell, and that’s good.

Maybe it is one of the better Battle Royale games, but that isn’t really saying much in my opinion.

Yeah you said that to spode because he called it “Dogshit”, but I didn’t call it dogshit - I just said I hated every second of it (Which I did) :hugs: