April 30, 2019 Game Update (HITMAN 2)

You unlock the Phantom Suit by completing the Phantom Assassin Ghost Mode Challenge.

New Items:
The Ghost Freeze Grande:
A freeze grenade that slows down your opponent for a short period.

The Ghost Flash Grenade:
A flash grenade that blinds your opponent and gives you the advantage of sight.

The Ghost Proximity Explosive:
An explosive device that will blow up your opponent.

The Ghost Outfit Manipulator:
When activated, this device will simultaneously change both your and your opponent’s current outfit – to a new random one.

Ghost Mode Emotes:
We also introduce Emotes for the first time in Ghost Mode, so you can add insult to injury, whether you’re victorious, or just want to taunt your opponent.


Also dropping are fixes for the Silent Assassin rating, as well as the Silent Assassin indicator.


These are garbage and excess in my opinion


The phantom suit looks slick, i’m excited for it.


I had the opposite reaction, I think more items to influence the opponents game will make it actually possible for a player to come back from second place. As it is, if you’re playing a decent opponent, missing one kill basically results in a loss. The outfit manipulator especially sounds like a great addition.


Fingers crossed for a fix to the discover challenge bug!! Looking forward to the new aspects of ghost mode :+1:t2:

If you know how to play, know all ‘tips and tricks’, all loadouts, all routes etc, these items will not affect you in any way. Maybe you’re right, but it can cause just another cheater influece to just don’t let to play.
Personally I’m against these items and will not support the idea of adding more of this kind

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And what are those challenges? I need @MrOchoa help for this

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I think those improvements make ghost mode more like a different mode.

Don’t think we’ll know until it drops on April 30th mate

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So I was already pretty much over Ghost Mode, and I don’t see any of the new elements as improvements personally, so I’ll be cheesing the challenges with a friend I think.

We can play together? If they’re too difficult then we can cheese it :joy:

In before the challenges only works with random matchmaking :joy:
I doubt it though because the Miami challenges worked with invited opponents. But you never know lol


I really like these new items and can’t wait to unlock the Phantom Suit!!
I bet most people will use the The Ghost Proximity Explosive near the item crates :stuck_out_tongue:
and I hope it will affect only the opponent player and not random nearby NPCs.
Also the emotes look funny and I expect more of them to be dropped in the future!!
Maybe that’s the first step into introducing a new full customization system for 47…
I expect at least that they’ll create a seperate ranking system for Ghost Mode soon in order to know if we play against a true-Agent or a casual run&gunner!!


Yeah sure it’s a date :joy:

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Nice blue collored shirt :heart_eyes:. (I don’t play Ghost Mode though.)

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I’m so glad to see the driving gloves again, why would you wear normal gloves with a suit


What a beautiful suit… I even like its use of the driving gloves, for once! Will definitely become of of my go-to suits


not to burst anyone’s bubble but this is an Undying suit recolor

it’s still a good looking suit though, so i dont mind


Amazing suit! Will the challenge be tough? Wait & See…

Great emotes! I was tired of always doing the t-bag pose :smile:

Let’s hope we’ll get more of these like:



After two days of Intense Ghost Mode, i’ve finally unlocked the beautiful Phantom Suit \O/

The Challenge itself wasn’t that hard, the hardest part was to find players willing to grind the kills.

Hopefully i’ve encountered a fantastic player who helped me get the first 50 kills :ok_hand:

Thank you so much @blind_rooster_ for your help, we’ve had some great runs together! :+1:

For the remaining 50 kills, that was another piece of cake :cold_sweat:

It was literal hell to make Silent kills with these guys running everywhere or killing targets while being spotted, which cancels the target or make it impossible to reach on time :tired_face:

Anyway after hours of random sessions the Phantom Suit is mine :blush:

Now let’s get the other amazing suit: The Blue Flamingo!

I’m keeping that one for an upcoming stream in few days, stay tuned :wink: