AR-7 pockletable sniper

Featured in From Russia with love, the AR-7 is a pocket sized .22 long, rifle, designed primarily for hunting and survival use, the AR-7 can fit into a large coat pocket, or be concealed down a trouser leg.

It would make a great addition to hitman 3 as it would be a rifle able to be taken without a case can be taken over walls, and does’t take up the case or smuggle-in spot.

As a balance the rifle has a short-medium range, no scope, and an anemic cartridge, it cannot be silenced, and has 8 rounds with upto 2 reloads.

The weapon is similar to the krugermister, using the same round, and a similar role, however where the krugermister is silenced and is short range, this weapon would substitute the silencer for longer range, and accuracy and perhaps a slightly bigger impact.





I like this idea :slight_smile: I also like that you’ve taken considerations on how to balance out the gameplay, instead of just suggesting a something that would upset the balance! Nice nostalgia trip with that From Russia with Love clip too! :smiley:

EDIT: Hickock45 is one of my go-to guys for if I want to see an unusual gun up close :smile:

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I like the idea. It could definitely make some things more interesting in the game, I think. Not to mention that it was in a James Bond movie, so it’s automatically cool.

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Not bad!

There’s also a pretty good version of a foldable rifle:

Lots of ideas that could work in HITMAN™ :+1:

This would be a neat unlock. 47 with his tuxedo, taking out Novikov and Margolis with this I could see.