Are Featured Contracts Capped at 360?

I was painstakingly going through the featured contract pages yesterday in order to create a comprehensive ongoing list for reference when I noticed something. Of the 362 available featured contracts in hitman 3 only 360 are showing up.

The two I am missing are:
a day at the races
facebook crash course

I submitted a support ticket for good measure just in case it’s a bug but I am also thinking it’s some background cap like what we had with the gear and items a while back that was increased to properly show everything.

I am playing on xbox series x if that helps.

Update 9/22/2022:


I don’t know what you mean by that, but the list of all Featured Contracts already exists.
You can find it here:

Or here’s the direct link to download:


Yep, I am aware of the list. I was simply creating one for myself as a sort of checklist to make sure I have completed them all.

You can apply the filter in-game which can show all contracts, only completed and only uncompleted.
It will be much easier.
Just go to Featured Contracts tab and see at the bottom of the screen which button is responsible for the filter and push it.
You will see something like “Show all”, “Show completed” and “Show uncompleted” and the button which will show them once you push it

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Yeah, the filter option is cool. But this is getting off topic from the main post though. The problem is that all 362 featured contracts are not showing up. Just like a while back our items wouldn’t all show up in load out menus because there was a background “cap” on how many the interface would display.

I am just guessing its a similar issue.

According to my calculations there are 359 Featured Contracts in HITMAN 3


There’s 361 on Steam right now (there is 12 pages of 29 contracts each + 13 on the last page). Consoles would have one less because of “A Day at the Races” being a PC-only one for the competition in 2019.


I should check my records then.
Was sure I counted them right, even checked one or two times.

Ah, had no idea. Is that still a thing though? Didn’t make it’s way over to console later perhaps?

Also even with 361 that leaves me one short with “facebook crash course” not showing up. Is that one supposedly pc only as well?

A few months ago now I felt the urge to complete all the FC’s in the game on PS5 (even though I’d already done enough for all the challenges) and the speedrun competition FC wasn’t there.

So, I’ve revised my Featured Contracts records on Steam and I got 361 contracts, including A Day At The Races and missing Facebook Crash Course.
I suppose it was deleted for whatever reason.

Maybe @Clemens_IOI or @Travis_IOI confirm and explain the deletion of the Haven Island Featured Contract named Facebook Crash Course?

Meanwhile here's the actual Featured Contract list for someone's interest

ICA Facility

  1. Precision and grace.
  2. No weapon, no problem.
  3. Arrive, Hide, Leave
  4. Final Test Contract


  1. The Angry Sun
  2. Helmut Krugermeier
  3. Helmet Kruger
  4. Bookend Beauties (REMIX)
  5. Skills/Kills Showcase
  6. Houdini’s Great Escape
  7. There is No Luck!
  8. The Three Patricks
  9. Frote’s Speedrun - Paris
  10. What is Love?
  11. Bound By Blood
  12. Planted Pots
  13. Cold Sniper
  14. Cold-Blooded 47
  15. Süßer die Nacken nie klingen
  16. Look at the Pretty Colours!
  17. Fall Season Preview: 2020
  18. The Art of Destruction
  19. The cont. adventures of Helmut Kruger
  20. Axe El Bros
  21. Intern Stylist


  1. Walk the plank of shame
  2. Resurrection!
  3. Cult Classic
  4. It’s too early! (REMIX)
  6. Ambulance Chaser
  7. Green Penthouse Effect (MASHUP)
  9. I Never Wear A Rubber
  10. Grand Theft Bosco
  11. Vatican Privilege
  12. Sniper Assassin: Ruins
  13. Fireworkers
  14. The Break-Up Artist
  15. The Other Side of a Coin
  16. Goondoria Contract
  17. Weekly Contest #8
  18. Love and Death
  19. Mullet’s worst nightmare
  20. The Mullet Manipulation.
  21. They Scream For Ice Cream
  22. Jingle All The Way
  23. Chimney Watchers
  24. No one’s laughing now
  25. Daily Exercise 47: Basement Run
  26. The Futo Suit Domination
  27. Super Mario Brothers
  28. Providence Assignment - Staying Sharp
  29. Water Way To Go…
  30. The Four Clovers
  31. The Green Butcher


  1. Little Shop of Horrors
  2. Dead Or Deaf
  3. Magic Carpet Ride (remix)
  4. The Good, the Bad and the Fool
  5. No Love For Fortune? Tell Her!
  6. Christmas Presents
  7. Office Christmas Party
  8. BONUS: Movie-ing Target
  9. The Monster From Nedanfor
  10. I’m the better assassin
  11. Closure


  1. Vegan Birthday Cake?!
  2. 47 goes “duck” hunting
  3. Ludonarrative Dissonance
  4. Checkerboard
  5. Eviction
  6. Wired Connection Mk II - Bangkok
  7. The Christmas Krampus
  8. Redrum Ritual
  9. Employee of the Month
  10. Defeating The Deaf
  11. It Should’ve Been Me
  12. Se7en
  13. Party On!
  14. Heartbreak Hotel


  1. Kitchens of Hell
  2. Get a Leg Up
  3. The Three Mulleteers
  4. Shooting competitiors
  5. A# Minor Issue
  6. For the Love of Apricots


  1. Withering of the Fallen Sakura
  2. Dexter’s Denouement
  3. Enforcer Hunt: Doctor
  4. Hokkaido Fastball
  5. I’m burning up, doc
  6. The Portman Reconstruction
  7. Frote’s Speedrun - Hokkaido
  8. Mullet Fightbacks
  9. Cold Yoga with 47’ style
  10. Schizophrenia
  11. Where Patients Meet
  12. Climbing the Ladder
  13. Hell’s Angel
  14. Packman 47
  15. Charmed 2/16

Hawkes Bay

  2. Far Frag
  4. Cleaning the Cat House
  5. Triple Trouble
  6. The Bald Shinobi


  1. Davy Jones Locker
  2. Engulfed in a fiery sorrow
  3. Feature Dream
  4. BoatExit?WhyNotAmbulance?
  5. The Walton Entrapment
  6. Crash And Burn
  7. Perfect Shooter Puzzle (REMIX)
  8. Knockout!
  9. last duck!!!
  10. Sniper Assassin: Miami
  11. The mendez retirement
  13. Greed For Speed
  14. Miami’s Mullet Myraid
  15. Kronstadt Falling Coconuts
  16. Santa’s Little Helper
  17. Kowoon’s last shine
  18. Heavy rain
  19. I Can Do Better
  20. The Cosplayers
  21. Symphony Of Destruction
  22. You get what you pay for
  23. Drivers Wanted
  24. A Day at The Races
  25. Love In The Fast Lane - Heart Knox Life
  26. The 5 minute fiasco
  27. Aeon of Strife
  28. Miami Contract

Santa Fortuna

  1. The Power Issue
  2. How to Hitman
  3. Crash Situation
  4. The Accidental Gardener
  5. Clean Up Your Act
  6. The Vespa with no muffler
  7. Your back is red
  8. Lucky Charms
  9. Breaking L.U.C.K.Y.
  10. Unlucky Day at the 'Ol Cavern
  11. A Dozen Dead Roses
  12. UnCool
  13. BONUS: Vegetable Tango
  14. Mmmh,Intere…Santa
  15. Romancing the Stone-Hearted
  16. Selfish Fisherman
  17. Happy Hippo Party
  18. Vanishing Act
  19. Unlucky Day at the ol’ Tavern
  20. Down To The Wire (by SilentAssassin47)
  21. Measure Twice, Kill Thrice
  22. Unrelated Workplace Accidents


  1. Modern Pirates
  2. Tuk-Tuk Bang Bang
  4. The Rana Contravention
  5. Wildcard
  6. Don’t Let It Get To Your Head
  7. The Making of Murderous Mumbai
  8. Only a Movie
  9. Blowing My Kash
  10. A Contract of Ice Pick and Fire
  11. A Long Way With Thug
  12. Die Hard: Rangan Tower
  13. To Be, or Not to Be
  14. Underpaid Social Workers
  15. Between Shawls And Sheaves
  16. Icarus
  17. Victimize
  18. Delving Into The Heart Of Darkness
  19. The Valiant Little Tailor

Whittleton Creek

  1. Terminator Exterminator
  2. Rubber Ducky You’re The One
  3. You’ve Been Served
  4. Cleaning House
  5. Bug Off Bang
  6. What’s That Sound?
  7. Fooling Bobby
  8. A party with pranks
  9. I Forgot My Gas!
  10. Frote’s Speedrun - Whittleton Creek
  11. Not on MY lawn!
  12. Winter Is Coming
  13. How The ChGrin Stole Christmas
  14. Omar Reincarnation
  15. Where’s my candy?
  16. The Candy Man
  17. The Haunting of Whittleton Creek
  19. Leave A Message At The Tone
  20. Gluttonous Greed
  21. Ghost Party
  22. Till Death Us Do Part
  23. The Ghost Of Whittleton Creek
  24. GARBAGE DAY!!!

Isle of Sgail

  1. The Secret of Sgail Island
  3. No Vest For the Wicked
  4. Mission code : F.S.F.N (REMIX)
  5. Clean-up on Aisle Sgail
  6. Sniper Assassin: Castle Mk II
  7. Steinway Sniper
  8. Fool’s Gold
  9. Corey Potter & The Sword Of Pandora
  10. Testerino 6
  11. Attack of the Red and Black
  12. Dinner for One
  13. The Story of “Trick or Treat”
  14. Spooky scary skeletons
  15. Hungry Hungry Hitman
  16. Raising The Bar
  17. Answer the call
  18. Down to the wire (by Franz)
  19. Constant Worries
  20. Exchange of Professions

New York

  1. Man in the Grandfather Clock
  2. Duck-Billed Dollars
  3. College Daze IV: Frankie’s Just Desserts
  4. The New Yorkian Bunny
  5. MIK Challenge #14
  6. Cleaning the Cleaners
  7. The Electric Slide
  8. Which color has your collar?
  9. A Fool’s Errand
  10. A competition in the bank
  11. Tricked and Mistreated
  12. Leprechauns in the bank
  13. Resource Management
  14. Strike Two, You’re Out
  15. A Frosty New Year in New York
  16. Space Conflict: The contract
  17. Bouncer
  18. Frank’s Last Day At Work. Literally
  19. Unwanted Elements
  20. Wabbit Wampage
  21. The Coda to Their Crescendo
  22. A Tinnitus Bobsy-die
  23. Turn off the TV!

Haven Island

  1. Pirate Tryhards
  2. Medical Attention
  3. Red vs. Blue (Red Team Attack #1)
  4. Into The Deep
  5. Soup-a-la-Big-One
  6. Ripe for the Picking
  7. The Bloody Show by Clown 47
  8. Sniper Assassin: Island
  9. Love Triangles
  10. Drowning Dorris
  11. The Long Lost Love Last Resort
  12. The Dread Pirate’s Curse
  13. 47’s Day Off
  15. Friday The 47th
  16. Maldivian Machete Massacre
  17. HITMAN Party, Silent Assassin, Accident


  1. Heat Rises
  2. Eat Your Heart Out
  3. PART I: The Shadow Bully
  4. The Great Filigree Egg Heist
  5. Reach for the Skies
  6. Holy Xmas 10
  7. The Angry Golfer
  8. Let Them Eat Cake
  9. Healthy Eating
  10. Reluctance to Work
  11. Peak Ingenuity
  12. Revenge of the Pale Duck
  13. Get A Load Of This 1/5
  14. CrossBlade 2/5
  15. Two Ends 3/5
  16. MinnSnaps 4/5
  17. The Deepest Dive 5/5
  18. Lights Out


  1. BHS Project
  2. Furuhata Nin47ro
  3. Only Daffodils
  4. Saving Easter
  5. Cupid’s Crisis
  6. Cupid’s Conclusion
  7. Free the stairs!
  8. Horns Out
  9. Conan = Shinichi
  10. Family Matters
  11. Dartmoor Garden Massacre
  12. Through Raven Eyes
  13. Lazy Bones
  14. Screwy’s Revenge
  15. All Gone A Bit Mike
  16. Fall of the Carlisles
  17. The Human Centigreed
  18. To Catch A Tea Leaf
  19. The Mystery of the Tricky Trio
  20. Don’t You Know that You’re Toxic?
  21. The Assassination of GJM
  22. The Butler’s Butcher
  23. Revenge of the Rhododendron Ferrugineum
  24. The Butler Did It


  1. Boom Stick
  2. Tub Time
  3. Food v Drink
  4. PART II: The Fight of the Lookalikes
  5. Egg Hunter: Berlin
  6. A Gunrunner’s Purgatory
  7. Crime of Envy
  8. DJ Axe Party
  9. The Casanovas
  10. Two Turntables & a Micro-Sized Explosion
  11. Closing the Candy Shop
  12. Third Time’s the Charm
  13. NeverEnding Nights
  14. Daily Exercise 47: Berlin Run
  15. Coin Collapse


  1. Flour Power
  2. The Night The Duck Cried
  3. Where Is My Dumpling?
  4. Cupid’s Catalyst
  5. Cold Shoulder
  6. Curry Criminals
  7. Santa Claus Is Coming To Town
  8. The Terminator
  9. Mirror Match: Chongqing
  10. The Follicle Paradox
  11. Corporate Interests #3
  12. Corporate Interests #2
  13. Corporate Interests
  14. Less is More
  15. Snakes & Ladders
  16. Noodles & Toodles
  17. Tanks For Playing
  18. The Lost Brookago Tapes
  19. Brain Melt
  20. Media Blackout
  21. Defy Expectations
  22. Shadow Drops
  23. Become A Killer
  24. Brand Manager Gets the Ax


  1. Lilac fields forever
  2. Hot scope,cold snipe
  3. Working up a Sweat
  4. PART III: The Evil People’s Revenge
  5. Shame on Me
  6. Broken Sled
  7. Gifts with history
  8. A Woman’s Scorn
  9. Grapes of Wrath
  10. I am a vegan!
  11. Romeo & Juliet
  12. What’s In The Box?
  13. Too Much Vino
  14. The Level 2 Helmets
  15. Happy Hour Murder Wine
  16. Eyesbreaker
  17. Imposter Syndrome Part 1
  18. Imposter Syndrome Part 2

Ambroze Island

  1. The Durian Of Durian Gray

I’ll update the linked above list with the new batch of contracts that releases shortly


Has to be a bug right?

Good stuff. Thanks for going through the hassle by the way. I don’t know what it’s like on pc but on console it’s a pain in the ass to go through all those pages without any indicator of how many you have flipped through or have left.

So it seems there is a discrepancy between pc and consoles. If only just the one “A Day At The Races” contract. However, both seem to be missing the “Facebook Crash Course”.

Appreciate the confirmation.

Tracking a support ticket I created about it and will update this thread if I get an answer.

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I can confirm this. I went into my history and “Facebook Crash Course” is still present, but not in the Featured Contracts tab.


Could it be possible that it was taken out of the FC list due to the word ‘Facebook™’?


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Being honest, this wasn’t really a good FC, we didn’t lose anything valueable


I liked it just fine if i remember, plus by that logic we’d lose about a third of FCs. i feel like i would like an archive of everything. heck if it was possible to bring back the 2016 featureds i’d love that but thats not gonna happen

How strange. I wonder if it’s possible to find using the search function as well or only available for those who have completed it before and through their own history of contracts completed. :thinking:

Was thinking the same given the rebranding to “meta” or whatever maybe its a copyright thing?