Are Featured Contracts Capped at 360?

I can’t remember it well enough to speak on how good it was, I am just concerned about a bigger issue which is that other contracts might just start disappearing randomly if there is some kind of cap in place in the background.

Couldn’t agree more. I would love for absolutely everything from Hitman 2016 and hitman 2 to be integrated into hitman 3. But, barring that, at least some better organization and reliability for current content.

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Re: Featured Contracts from H2016… As nice as that sounds it probably wouldn’t be feasible. One reason, in particular, is the change made to fire extinguishers being made non-lethal. And (you know) there are more than enough contracts where using a FE to kill targets would be the only way to do that. Well, maybe not the ONLY way (except for when they are), but if they’re made non-lethal then they become way more difficult (if not, impossible).

Edit: Can anyone find the post where the contract was submitted? It could be a technical issue, but my conspiratorial thinking has me wondering if, well, whoever posted it didn’t have something bad happen to/with them, and it’s been silently scrubbed from the game for some reason. :thinking:

Er, well, not THE GAME, but from the FC list.

Edit2: Unless it was for H2 and posted in the old forum. If that’s the case then I guess never mind. :sweat_smile:

Edit3: So it WAS from H2. That’s why I can’t find any post on it.

Been way too long for me to remember all the 2016 fc’s. But I am of the opinion that anything can work. it’s just about effort. Obviously whether IO would actually care enough to do shit “properly” is not only super subjective but also entirely up to them regardless of fan interest.

Crossed my mind as well it would just be nice to get some sort of official response so we know it’s not a bigger technical issue that will cause problems down the road as more FC’s are released and other are potentially “bumped” off the end because of some invisible cap or something.


its amazing to think that all those soft limits were put in place because of the assumption they wouldnt need to even tho it was planned as a live service game from the start. if 2016 did well the 2nd and 3rd game’s levels wouldve been slotted into the original client so idk why they didnt just make the max limit of everything 999999

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Agreed. Planning ahead should have been second nature. Makes me wonder what other caps we might run into if they don’t bother to ask themselves the obvious question.



You’re not wrong, they are not there. We removed the “facebook crash course” on all platforms, to keep the featured tab more legal clean for HITMAN 3. And "a day at the races’’ was made for a PC Speedrun Competition with Intel, and is therefore only available on PC.


So is this an indirect way of saying that the Featured Contracts tabs is not capped and just the one FC was removed?


Absolutely correct :slight_smile:


Ah shame! God damn meta and their lawyers


Maybe the contract could be renamed “LifeInvader Crash Course” or would Take Two and Rockstar start to sue then? :wink:


“Non-descript social media company crash course” sounds better! Why didn’t you go with that?!?

EDIT: Also I’ve noticed a more open approach when discussing various things recently with the community and I like it! I just wish you (as in the company) were more open about some things that were said in the past… Keep up the good work though guys!


Awesome. Thanks for the official clarification Clemens!

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Thanks for that too guys. I’ll update the initial post with this info.

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Ha! After that gta leak rockstar is probably fanning the litigation hammer on anything that moves even remotely into their lane (little red dead 2 reference there. :laughing:)

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Agreed. Though to be perfectly honest I wish every developer was open and accessible to good ol community feedback and down to earth conversation and fanbase interaction. But that takes resources for sure and most importantly hinges on whether each respective company even cares what fans have to say and potentially bring to the table.

I would say that modding is the current best middle ground. That way if a company doesn’t ever engage with the fan base the fan base can still influence things with their “feedback”. But I can only speak for myself. :sunglasses:

now i like you wrote all those things down Fuller good man

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Thank you for confirmation.
But you know, you could’ve just edit the contract by removing Facebook word from its name and description if it was there


Yeah, that is true. But at the time the team was really busy preparing everything for the launch of H3. Therefore, we removed it instead of involving our online team.


It’s funny that I coulda sworn I remember it still being featured in H3 but im obviously mistaken because i no doubt wouldve played it in H2