Ark Society - Effigy Ceremony

Hello all!

I’d like to confirm something that happened as a feature or a bug.

I played the Ark Society 4674577 times. I either killed Sophie or Zoe first. I either took more time or was quicker. Really, there wasn’t any common point I might highlight.

During one of those times and ONLY that one time, I got the info Zoe was ready for the ceremony. That stroke me as odd because I thought it would only start when we would obtain our disguise, etc.

Now, the thing is, I didn’t do anything related to that mission (at least, that I’m aware of).

After that one time, I tried many things to see if I could make the Master of Ceremonies start It, but no luck.

I’d really like to know if this was some kind of bug or if I’m missing something.

Sometimes events are triggered automatically. In your case I don’t know if there is any scenario built into game that triggers zoe.
I have experienced this in Mumbai. Whenever you start as a Bollywood crew in Rangan tower, after around 4 .30 or 2.30 minutes in the game npc automatically interact with the flag which initiates meeting between Maelstrom and his ex lover.
This happens even if you do not do anything till that happens. PIP window shows guard going to flag like and activate it.

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Zoe gets ready for the ceremony once you light the money fire pit. however, she wont do anything further unless you disguise as the MoC and summon her. there is no way to get him to do it himself

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Definitely not a bug; the ceremony will only start when you initiate it yourself.

Even though this isn’t a bug, if you ever do come across one, post it here: Official HITMAN 2 Bug Report Thread

But I didn’t initiate it and, yet, it started. I was upstairs, at the penthouse, when I saw the PIP square.

And I didn’t say it was a bug. I clearly asked if it was one or a feature I didn’t know about.

That’s the thing. I didn’t do anything related to that specific mission. That’s why I thought there was some other way to start it I wasn’t aware of.

Were you previously shooting or messing around the firepit? It’s possible to shoot the torch which - if done in the right angle - ignites the firepit.

Yeah, unless we start at the hill, we have a limited amount of time to do such thing.

This one was really odd, though, because it only happened once.

And I answered your question. The ceremony quite simply cannot start unless you’re wearing the right disguise and announce Zoe yourself. If you’re saying that the brazier was lit without you doing it yourself, then THAT might be a bug. I’m not sure if that’s time-based or requires player input.

This is bullshit. For a level where every important disguise needed for every interesting kill is lacking gloves, the fact that you can’t set it up for the ceremony to happen on its own with you just locking the door is utter bullshit. Huge disappointment with IOI on this level to not have good kill options while maintaining gloves.

You can still load up cannon, light up cash pit (with a Big One for example) and then shoot cannon’s fuse to blow up Zoe.

Does it give you silent assassin rank? If not, it’s moot. My point was, all of the interesting kills for this level require a disguise, and none of the ones you need have gloves: stabbing Zoe as Janus’s corpse, setting her on fire, having her electrocute herself, triggering the conversation between Sofia and the Constant, pushing her into the Iron Maiden, strangling both women with the necklace.

All the interesting kills don’t even have an option about disguises and the whole point of the gloved variants is that people feel more professional assassiny if they can play without exposing 47’s fingerprints, and I all other levels, some form of interesting SA kills are available without that exposure, but not this map. Why could the MoC and Block and Janus not have had gloves for their costumes? Or at least give he option to trigger MoC and Block to do their thing on their own and then swoop in later without changing suits.

I just always imagined that 47 doesn’t have fingerprints, whether that be because he was simply engineered to not have them or he removed them himself. Regardless, I love me some 47 in a pair of gloves.

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IIRC Blast doesn’t reach two Arc Members in the back, so no non-target casualities. It is considered an accident, so no bodies found, crime noticed etc… So yeah, it should give you SA. And I consider it interesting kill. Plus it’s easy to do Suit Only, so you can just start in suit with gloves.

I’ll attempt it then. Thanks.